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November 2010 Giveway

Congrats to Jenny Chenard who up-loaded an amazing picture of herself looking oh so stylish, and she got 15+ people to comment on her photo (making her the highest this month)- picture on the left.  It was a lot of fun to see what other ladies wear, what they think is stylish, trendy & affordab

October 2010 Giveway Part 2

Congrats to the stunning beauty, Stacey Robinson the Winner of October’s Contest (a necklace & statement ring) who posted several amazing comments under my daily styles for the month of October.  She looks beautiful in these hot black shorts, paired with a cute simple tee but she made a state

October 2010 Giveaway

Congrats to Hind Matar-Nammari the winner of October’s contest who posted several amazing comment under my daily styles for the month of October.  We ended up with 2 winners this month, cause when my husband pulled the name out for the draw, he pulled 2 names, so we thought it was only fair t

September 2010 Giveway

The winner for September’s contest is Claire Bilik- she invited over 10 friends to join the new Facebook Page & now won a year subscription to a Canada’s Hottest Fashion Magazine, Elle Canada!  

August 2010 Giveway:

The winner for August is Jocelyn Jones (her favorite fashion trend for fall is the Shootie). Jocelyn is the winner of an Owl Necklace seen in this photo.   Marc Jacobs was the one to put the owls on the fashion map in the fall of 2009. They are still a huge trend & now more affordable

Canada Day

Shirt- Smart Set- $25,  Black Sweater- Express- $30, Black Belt- Smart Set- $8, Jeans- Silvers from Jean Machine- $79, Shoes- Aldo- $80