Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors Review

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors Review

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors Review

Every girl needs a new lip gloss to gush over right? Clarins came out with 3 new shades this Spring to add to their already existing line of Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. The three new shades include Rosewood Shimmer (a rosy nude/beige shade), Candy Shimmer and Petal Shimmer.

I’m always on the hunt for the next best lip gloss, one that doesn’t get stuck to my hair when the wind blows, one that I can apply over a lipstick for a little shine and one that isn’t super goopy.  The Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors is somewhere in between a gloss and a balm I would say, it helps protect and nourish your lips while giving a luscious, smooth shine to your lips.


I tested out the Rosewood Shimmer and it’s a perfect nude for those that are pale like me and don’t want to look dead or muddy. I wanna say the best part of this gloss is that it smells and tastes like vanilla caramel, who doesn’t want a little cake frosting on their lips every time you rub them together?

The texture isn’t sticky at all and it really helps to moisturize, repair and soften your lips thanks to the Shea Butter, Wild Mango and Plant Perhydrosqualene. Also thanks to the “3D radiance pigments” these Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors give the illusion of fuller, shiner, smoother, softer lips, something I’ve always dreamed of. I have bought a ton of different lip glosses in the past that claim to do the same thing and never did, but I think I see the difference on this one?  

DSC_2627These come with a sponge squeeze tube applicator, making them super easy to apply and the more I use it the more I think, why aren’t all lip glosses packaged like this?  I’m in love with anything in a squeeze tube as I don’t have to struggle forcing those sponge applicators in and out of a tube to get the gloss out, now all I have to do is squeeze and swipe in on my lips, its as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Overall these Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectorsmoisturized the heck out of my lips, added a hint of color and gave the appearance of fuller lips, something I would definitely repurchase again. You can get your hands on these at your local Clarins counter for only $20, something you’ll be keeping in your purse and reaching for over and over again.




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  1. Kim
    March 6, 2013 / 2:12 pm

    Wow, what a detailed review… thank you! I’m going to go buy this today while in the mall, always looking for something to give the illusion of fuller lips

    • admin
      March 6, 2013 / 5:30 pm

      I’ve wasted so much money on products that claim to pump up my lips and never do, this does not plump them up, just gives the illusion of fuller lips, its amazing

  2. Cari
    March 6, 2013 / 2:24 pm

    Ok I need this too, that color looks like the perfect nude for me too,why is it so hard to find a nice brown/ nude color?

    • admin
      March 6, 2013 / 5:29 pm

      I have a hard time finding the perfect nude for me too, this one is really great

  3. Karyn
    March 6, 2013 / 2:31 pm

    Always thought of Clarins as a brand for older people, but if you seem to like it, its worth checking out and you’re correct we can never have too many lip glosses!

    • admin
      March 6, 2013 / 5:28 pm

      Haha, I think a lot of ppl think its for older people only, when in fact its perfect for all ages

  4. Paige
    March 6, 2013 / 2:42 pm

    Great review and I agree I would have never thought to pick up anything by Clarins, but you made me re-think this brand now, going to check them out this weekend

    • admin
      March 6, 2013 / 5:28 pm

      They really do have a really cool collection out this Spring, I would check out your local counter for sure

  5. Alsion
    March 6, 2013 / 4:06 pm

    fuller lips… yes please… can I find these at The Bay?

    • admin
      March 6, 2013 / 5:28 pm

      They should be at most Bay’s, if not you can order online too

  6. Kendra
    March 6, 2013 / 4:23 pm

    Thanks for the post on this, I was thinking about getting a few, but for the price I wanted to make sure its great

    • admin
      March 6, 2013 / 5:27 pm

      You totally sure pick one up, I know you’ll love it

  7. Jessica
    March 6, 2013 / 5:25 pm

    Have to tried any of the other shades, I’m not really into nude but the pinks sound nice, like the idea of fuller lips too

    • admin
      March 6, 2013 / 5:27 pm

      Sorry to say this was the first color I tested out, but I totally want the pink one now

  8. Barb
    March 6, 2013 / 5:52 pm

    Yep, I need this, I need all the help I can get in making my lips look bigger

    • admin
      March 10, 2013 / 9:36 pm

      it really does give the illusion of a fuller lip

  9. Kelly
    March 6, 2013 / 9:10 pm

    I’ve heard about these, but never picked them up before because of the price, but after looking at this I might have to now

    • admin
      March 10, 2013 / 9:36 pm

      its for sure an investment, but its sometime nice to treat ourselves to nice things every once in awhile, trust me a lot of my collection is all drugstore brands, but I love this gloss so much

  10. Helen
    March 7, 2013 / 11:25 am

    By the sounds of things, this is going to be a great lip gloss, and I can never have too many so I’m going to give it a try

    • admin
      March 10, 2013 / 9:37 pm

      a girl can never have too many hehe

  11. Bonny
    March 7, 2013 / 7:10 pm

    Is it wrong that I rushed out on my lunch hour to pick one of these up after I read this review last night?

    • admin
      March 10, 2013 / 9:37 pm

      nope, not wrong at all… happy the review helped you

  12. Melissa
    March 8, 2013 / 11:27 am

    Just went out and bought this and its already turned into my fave (yes after only 2 days) just thought I would share

    • admin
      March 10, 2013 / 9:37 pm

      I was hooked right away too

  13. Lucy Stevenson
    March 10, 2013 / 7:57 pm

    Wow, this sounds amazing, going to pick one up this week, thanks for sharing

    • admin
      March 10, 2013 / 9:38 pm

      no problem, hope you love it as much as I do… you’ll have to let me know

  14. Monica
    March 10, 2013 / 8:49 pm

    Everyone is saying they’re going to pick it up/ or have it…must be good, so I too am going to get one

    • admin
      March 10, 2013 / 9:39 pm

      It really is great, I think you’d love it as much as I do?

  15. Kendra
    March 22, 2013 / 7:48 pm

    Finally got my hands on one, and I’m really happy with it, its always in my purse now

    • admin
      April 3, 2013 / 4:22 pm

      I told ya, I cant live without it now

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