January 19th, 2014- Yoga Jeans Giveaway

And the winner of the Yoga Jeans Giveaway is…….. Jenness Mills

Seems like every girl wants 2 things in life, to find true love and to find that perfect pair of denim. I may not be able to help you in the love department, but I can help you with find that perfect pair of jeans. Second is a premium quality denim brand that’s 100% North American made and prides themselves on focusing on fit, quality and style. They use the finest denims and fabrics that’s distressed, individually hand-rubbers, nicked and reworked to give its unique character, which means no two garments are ever the same and they fit like a second skin.

I’ve been wearing Yoga Jeans Zircon, which is a mid-rise, ultra-glamorous, grey waxed skinny that fits my body like a glove. It has extra stretch so I can move freely, is form fitting to add an extra bit of sexiness to my look and it embraces my natural movement like no other pair of jeans I’ve tried before. These really are my favourite pair of jeans right now and I want to give one of you the opportunity to have your very own pair of Yoga Jeans, in any style, any colour and any size.

Enter below, must be a fan of Yoga Jean on Facebook to win
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  1. I would get a classic dark denim..can’t go wrong. A must have for every wardrobe!

  2. black

  3. I would get black

  4. Hmm I would probably get grey or a hunter green. They just look so comfy and for them to fit like a glove, I won’t really care what colour. A great fitting pant is all I need!

  5. I’d love the Zircon you reviewed or the pearl.

  6. Either grey or a dark wash – goes with everything!

  7. These yoga jeans seem super comfortable. It would be hard to pick a colour but probably a darm denim or black usualy goes with everything.

  8. I’d go with black.

  9. You are so awesome for hosting such an awesome giveaway and making us aware of a great North American company

  10. black:)

  11. I need a pair of black skinny jeans! (Soph Y)

  12. Black, i think!

  13. I would go with something vibrant for spring!

  14. Just black for me!

  15. A bright colour

  16. I’d go for black because I don’t have any black jeans!

  17. I would choose dark denim or black. Great contest!!

  18. Definitely Indigo!

  19. Basic skinny black with high-rise to hold in my mummy pouch!

  20. I’ve been wanting to buy these. glad to hear they are so comfy!

  21. i would pick black, i need a slimming colour

  22. I would love to get a black pair, either like the pair you are wearing or darker if possible, I love my pair of dark wash ones and love how they feel

  23. Black

  24. I would get the new Slate Grey I think! LOVE them!!

  25. Black or blue!!

  26. Hmm… so many choice. Probably a light denim for spring!
    xo Emma

  27. I have 2 pairs and love them! I would get dark green or plum.

  28. Black is always nice

  29. Would love a dark purple pair!

  30. I would choose black Yoga jeans

  31. Most definitely red!!!!!!

  32. I would likely pick black – boring I know! If red is available I would choose those.

  33. They look great! I’m really intrigued by the “Bark” colour.

  34. I’d pick black because they would be versatile

  35. I would go for black yoga jeans so that it can go with pretty much anything!

  36. I would love the black jeans. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  37. I would get black jeans.

  38. I’d go for black.

  39. Love that jacket!

  40. I’d get grey:)

  41. Ink or Indigo!

  42. Azure is my choice. There are so many it is hard to pick.

  43. i would go with the dark demin

  44. probably black – can easily pair with anything!

  45. Probably everyday black for my first pair.

  46. I think I’d pick Candy Apple

  47. I would get black

  48. I would get them in Black or Charcoal.! :))
    I loveee your entire outfit! :))

  49. Definitely the dark denim. Love it!

  50. I would get black.

  51. Mid rise skinny in vintage rose!

  52. I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of black skinny jeans – but I really like the olive.

  53. I would love dark blue, black or red :)

  54. I’m not sure, probably a classic fit, in Indigo or black!

  55. Mid Rise Flare – Rinse Indigo

  56. I would choose black Yoga Jeans. All my normal jeans are blue.

  57. I would have to go with a dark denim or black! In the market for black lately! People are loving there skinny black jeans so these I’m sure are just as fabulous

  58. i would go with the cherry blossom

  59. I would go with the Black. Love them!

  60. Earthy yet refined – Hunter Green is my preference….going hunting….lol

  61. I would choose dark denim

  62. Black. I don’t have any black bottoms.

  63. I would chose dark denim

  64. Love spectra black!

  65. Black

  66. I would like to get High Rise Slim – Spectra Black

  67. Black, you can never have too many pairs of black denim- thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  68. I would probably get the high rise black ankle pair a classic!

  69. Black! :)

  70. Black

  71. Dark Wash

  72. I like black

  73. I’d like to get them in black.

  74. I would love the Skinny Pearl one. I’ve been eyeing it for a while.

  75. Rinse Indigo

  76. I would love them in black!

  77. I would go with blueberry or slate grey.

  78. Black!!!!

  79. I would choose black.. so I can wear it more often since it will go with everything! ;)

  80. I like the desert color :P

  81. black

  82. Comfort Boyfriend – Morning Blue
    Mid Rise Skinny – Desert
    Classic Rise Skinny Color Block – Vintage Rose
    High Rise Flare – Americana
    Many great Yoga Jeans on the site :)

  83. I would choose black!

  84. I would like black, thank you

  85. I would choose black

  86. dark wash!

  87. Black, dark blue and the new grey for spring! Love it!

  88. I would like the black ones.

  89. black or gray!

  90. I would like a black pair

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