January 20th, 2014- Casual Mondays

Casual Mondays call for overalls. I did not want to get out of bed this morning, went to bed too late and am now paying for it. Remember the days when you could party all night, get no sleep, and still be functional the next day….. now if I stay up late one night and only get 5 to 6 hours sleep, it throws my entire week off. The hubby and I were up late, hanging floating shelves for our new master bedroom. We should have had them all hung in less than an hour (as per the directions), somehow it took us almost 3? Why do they even bother saying 10 minutes a shelf, does anyone actually get them up in that short of time? Geez, it took us that long just to decide where we wanted the shelves to go. All 6 are up… finally… and they look great, can’t wait to decorate them all.


Shirt- Smart Set- on sale for $21- July 2013
Overalls- Top Shop- $100- June 2013

Necklace-Frankly Scarlett (Port Stanley)- $35- June 2011
Watch- Guess- $199
Bracelet- c/o- Ellie Mae
Wristlet- Coach- $39 (on sale from $78)- Dec 2013
Boots- 9WLoves InStyle Exclusive Comete- $220- Gift from hubby

20 (1) 20 (7) 20 (2) 20 (6) 20 (3) 20 (5) 20 (4)



  1. Always in love with denim on denim looks ;))


    • Awe thanks sweetie, I know you love it as much as I do! Must be a Canadian thing hehe

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