December 8th, 2013- No Internet

December 8th, 2013- No Internet

December 8th, 2013- No Internet

No internet, what’s a girl to do?
Sorry for the lack of post for the past 4 days, the internet has been down in our area since Sunday and it took Rogers this long to fix it, I mean we all love paying for services we’re not using, correct? I also enjoying wasting half my day waiting around for Rogers to show up, then when they do finally arrive, he’s here for almost 2 hours only to tell me he can’t fix the problem and that I’ll have to call Rogers back. Oh my God, are you kidding me? I didn’t realize how much I rely on the internet until this happened, I was lost without it, panicking how I was going to get everything done and now I’m freaking out even more because of all the work I have to catch up on. On the bright side, I guess I could be suffering from worse things, no?

Sweater- H&M- $20- in stores now
Purse- Smart Set- $29- in stores now
Watch- Guess- $199
Bracelet- Gift from my amazing girlfriend
Pants- Smart Set- $55- Sept 2013
Booties- The Bay $75 (on sale from $150) – in stores now
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