Gwen Stefani by OPI Collection

  Gwen Stefani has partnered with OPI with 7 new limited edition nail lacquers done in new breakthrough finishes like semi-matte satin, chrome and mirror-like finish in her standout colours. Gwen’s signature red OPI hue Over & Over A-Gwen, pays homage to her signature lipstick and comes in a boxed set, which includes Swarovski black crystals and silver, gold and pewter studs in bar, square, diamond and circle shapes for creating unique nail designs, along with nail glue for easy application. Two new semi-matte satin finish, Love.Angel.Music.Baby. done in fine gold and silver shimmer and 4 in the Morning in black, designed to be worn without top coat. Push and Shove is a bold chrome hue, also worn without top coat, but requires a special complimentary base coat, Lay Down that Base to give a totally unique, intense mirrored finish (and the one I’m dying to get my hands on). Two new glossy crème polishes, Hey Baby a bright pink and I Sing in Color in deep berry and finally a sparkly silvery, glitter shade in True Stefani Fashion.
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When I think of Gwen Stefani I think of 3 things, first concert I’ve ever seen, bold red lips and platinum perfect hair. Gwen is known for her unique and trendy style and I still remember way back in 1995, at the young age of 13, seeing my very first concert and rocking a cropped belly shirt just like Gwen to her concert, thinking I was oh so cool. I went with my BFF who was battling cancer at the time, she had been since the age of 8, and she had a tracheotomy in at the time which helped give airway to her lungs so she could breath. I remember back then, not a lot of people knew what a tracheotomy was, we were in the nosebleed section of the ACC, couldn’t see a thing, so I got the bright idea of using her “sickness” to our advantage to score better seats. I called over one of the ushers and said “see that thing in my friend’s neck, it helps her breath and we are so high up, she can’t get enough air into her lungs and she’s going to pass out”. The manager was soon rushed over and within minutes we were sitting 2nd row, so close that I could almost touch Gwen. Some might think that was mean and uncalled for, but we thought it was pretty smart and clever and we scored amazing seats out of it. My friend always said, if I’m going to be sick, at least I can use it to my advantage. This will always be at the top of my list for favourite concerts and something I’ll always remember, now that my friend lost her battle to cancer in 2008.
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Gwen Stefani by OPI Over & Over A-Gwen is my favourite from the collection that I’ve tested, it’s a luscious red that “no doubt” took inspiration from Stefani’s iconic red lipstick. Although it comes in a box set with a Swarovski black crystals and metallic studs, I only have the red polish to show you at this time.
Gwen Stefani by OPI  (3)Gwen for OPI
Gwen Stefani by OPI In True Stefani Fashion is a beautiful glittery polish with a combo of micro and holographic glitter looks stunning at every angle and is very eye-catching over different colours or on its own.
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Gwen Stefani by OPI Hey Baby is a glossy crème polish done in a bold, hot pink that has a rich and creamy texture to it, give full opaque and ultra shine in 2 coats.
Gwen Stefani by OPI  (5)Gwen for OPI
Gwen Stefani by OPI In 4 in the Morning, Love.Angel.Music.Baby. and Sing in Color
Gwen by OPI
Gwen Stefani by OPI Collection did an excellent job of capturing Gwen’s range of style throughout her career, from the bright 90’s pink to her platinum blonde hair. I enjoyed the different finishes this collection has, not something you normally see. I really can’t tell you how excited I am to try and get my hands on the Push and Shove mirrored finish polish that comes out this month. Also take note that the polishes that will be sold in stores will have a special shrink-wrapped caps around the handles unlike my 3 bottles that were sent to me from a PR firm. The collection is available at the beginning of January 2014 at professional salons and spas across Canada, for $10.95. The boxed set including Over & Over A-Gwen and Swarovski elements will retail for $18.95 CAN.


  1. Thanks for the informative and awesome review!! i can’t wait to try these polishes out. Happy New Year!!

    • You’re going to love them, cant wait to get my hands on a few more shades

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