Is Instagram Causing Too Much Chaos and Destroying Our Natural Wonders

Is Instagram Causing Too Much Chaos and Destroying Our Natural Wonders

Is Instagram Causing Too Much Chaos and Destroying Our Natural Wonders

I often wonder if Instagram is destroying our beautiful world? The mindset of “if you didn’t capture and share it on social media, did it really happen” has taken over. I know I’m guilty of this. As much as I love sharing my hidden gems, secret locations and local business, I often think of how long will these places remain beautiful until they’re taken over by tourists and selfie-sticks? Gorgeous attractions have always been popular with tourists, but now these natural wonders are merely a backdrop to a photo.

Take Santorini for example, its crystal-clear turquoise water, stunning blue roofs with white wall buildings is a prime example of how Instagrammers have taken over this beautiful Greek Island. Tulum seems to be another trendy destination thanks to its white sandy beaches and unique eco-lodges, but this otherwise quite and sleepy beach town has gone on record saying they can’t keep up with its newfound popularity. Macchu Picchu government is now involved and laying out new plans to reduce the number of people that visit each day. These ancient ruins have been taken-over by Instagrammers and is now overcrowded daily. We can now add Bogle Seeds to the list of places destroyed by social media.

This beautiful sunflower farm has permanently closed to the public. Too many people were disregarding basic safety rules, and not only took over the highway and roads, but the farm as well. I was lucky enough to visit the farm early on in the week, respectfully, of course. I paid the small $7.50 fee, parked in their designated parking spot and stayed on the pathway. I shot a few photos in the area where there were small openings, and didn’t interfer or destroy the beautiful flowers.

I was able to take advantage of over 1.4 million sunflowers, set on over 75 acres, without causing chaos or damage. On Saturday, upwards of 7000 cars were reportedly parking on the side of the roads, causing traffic jams, walking on the highway, peeing in bushes, and basically just causing chaos. I guess the takeaway from this is to, enjoy nature, but respectfully. Be aware of your surroundings and always get permission first. Trespassing is illegal and not worth a photo. Never take a selfie in a situation that can put your self, business or location in danger.

I actually got the chance to chat with one of the owners on my way in, and you could tell immediately, that they take pride in their farm. I love supporting local businesses, but when I hear about people taking advantage, it breaks my heart. I love social media for sharing new locations and supporting local businesses, but I hate when it gets out of hand. 

And PS, the sunflower I’m holding, was passed on by another set of ladies snapping photos (in which they found on the ground)… hopefully left there by the farmers when they were creating small areas for people to stand in front of?



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