May 9th, 2014- Edmonton ER

May 9th, 2014- Edmonton ER

May 9th, 2014- Edmonton ER

 My Friday evening started off great, but by midnight I found myself in the Edmonton ER. Not too worry, I okay as of right now. I started to have major chest pain around noon on Friday, thinking it was just something I ate at lunch, I fought the pain till 11PM. We took another stroll around Old Strathcona and Whyte Avenue that evening, I skipped dinner cause I was in so much pain, but by the time we got back to the hotel, I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I’m not one to go to the hospital or doctors, I’ve had several major surgery and never took pain meds or complained of the pain, I suffer from headaches and migraines on the daily, but this was unlike any pain I’ve experienced in the past and had me a little worried. Long story short, I checked into the hospital at midnight, by 2AM I was still waiting, the nurse said it would be at least another 7 hours, so we went to another hospital; same wait time. By 3:30 AM I got so sick of waiting, we just left and went back to the hotel. The pain continued into Saturday evening, but I seem to be okay now, not sure what it was, I’ll wait till I get back into Ontario to go see my regular doctor.

Top- Romwe
Purse- Coach
Blazer- LC for Kohls
Watch- Caravelle New York
Bracelet- c/o Swarovski
Sunnie- c/o Oakley
Pants- RW & Co.
Pumps- Aldo
ER (2) ER (7) ER (3) ER (6) ER (4) ER (8) ER (1) ER (5)


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