Meant to be Seen with WonderBra

Meant to be Seen with WonderBra

Meant to be Seen with WonderBra


I think all women want to feel a little sexy, confident and stylish at one point in their life, but being a busy modern woman who is often playing the role of 3 people, we don’t have time or energy to fuss with finicky clothing. It’s hard to stay motivated and be wonderful 24/7, but with these few helpful and useful tips, you’ll want to be seen. I encourage all of you women to be your own kind of wonderful and don’t fall into the trends or what society portrays us to be.  

The first step in feeling secure in your body starts with the right undergarments. We tend to spend too much time fussing over our bodies and trying to find that perfect outfit to flatter our figure, when in fact, having that perfect bra and panty is often the solution. These 2 pieces are what I like to call your fashion foundation and the base to any fashionable outfit. When I’m planning my ootd I make sure I have the correct and proper undergarments to go along with that specific look. Investing in a new seamless underwire or moulded cup bra will not only give you the support you need, it will help keep the girls lifted. The WonderBra Meant to be Seen Style Underwire Moulded Cup Bra features a unique technology that adapts to your unique temperature to help keep you cool. No matter how hot or sweaty I seem to get in the humid summer months, this bra is always comfortable and doesn’t stick to my body. Its sleek, smooth design looks seamless under every material and its dainty stretch lace detail creates the ultimate feminine look. I love the pretty lace detail, its looks stunning when it peeks out from under your clothes. It looks incredible with an open back dress or blouse, perfect balance sexy, sweet and elegant for only $48.

The WonderBra Style Cheeky Underwear is probably the sexiest, yet most comfortable pair of undies I own. It features the same cooling fabric and same silky, soft material as the bra, yet features a completely flat lace insert design on either side of the hips. This helps to create an incredibly erotic and sensual look, yet still provides full coverage and wear-ability for everyday use.
WonderBra Meant to be Seen Style Underwire Moulded Cup Bra WonderBra Meant to be Seen Style Underwire Moulded Cup Bra

Another tip, wear clothes that flatter your unique shape. No two women are the same, therefore, don’t fall into the sizing, yet look for pieces that actually fit you properly. Learn to love your body shape and try not to dwell on the negative things, or the parts of your body, you’re unhappy with. By embracing your shape it will allow you to develop your own personal style with ease. Highlight your best assets and show-off certain parts of your body that you love. This will leave you feeling confident and excited about getting dressed in the morning. We all have something we love about ourselves, killer arms, a tiny waist, long, lean legs, a lifted bottom, perfectly shaped chest, whatever it is, highlight it. I promise, this will make getting dressed in the morning a breeze.
WonderBra Meant to be Seen Style Underwire Moulded Cup Bra

Second step, dress for yourself. It’s rumored that the majority of women don’t spend hours in front of the mirror to impress men (or their partners), but in fact, are putting so much time and effort into their look to impress other women. I also believe the majority of men want to please us and say we look good regardless of what we actually look like, therefore getting a woman’s approval is so much more valuable and meaningful. I’d be lying if I say I didn’t like getting compliments from my peers, but it’s not the only reason why I care about my personal appearance. I find that when I look good in the morning and my outfit game is strong, I feel more productive and happy throughout the day. That being said, when I spend the extra time to get ready, it’s nice to get praised by my man. Derek is pretty easy to please, whenever I’m looking to be seen by him, I toss on my favourite silky black Wonder Bra and a basic tee and watch as I instantly grab his attention.
WonderBra Meant to be Seen Style Underwire Moulded Cup Bra

Third tip, determine which colours best suit your skin tone, hair colour and even eye colour and what pieces leave you feeling inspired. Once you determine if you look better in warm hues or cool tones, brights or pastels, you’ll feel encouraged to wear those shades daily. Find your signature piece(s) that you reach for on a regular basis and trademark this as your unique style. Find pieces that you love, whether it be a statement necklace, a sleek and slimming blazer, that perfect pair of skinny jeans or even a  versatile dress, knowing what clothing items make you feel the most confident will easily allow you to incorporate these pieces into your daily routine.
WonderBra Meant to be Seen Style Underwire Moulded Cup Bra

Whenever you’re looking to be your own kind of wonderful, remember it starts on the inside. That being said, it doesn’t hurt when your outside reflects how fabulous you feel inside. I know when I feel put together and am rocking my favourite outfit, my energy is high, my personality shines and my positivity rubs off onto others. An effortless style is based around 3 components, a classic cut that flatters your body, a solid base from your undergarments and self-confidence.
WonderBra Meant to be Seen Style Underwire Moulded Cup Bra“Disclosure: This post was sponsored by WonderBra, but all opinions on this blog are my own. I also want to thank you for supporting the brands that support my blog.”


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