October 19th, 2013- Murder in the City

The hubby and I went to a Murder Mystery party this weekend, the theme Murder in the City, Vegas style. Derek and I were Mr. and Mrs. Trump, we owned one of the wealthy casinos in Vegas and we’re hosting a party to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of it being open. I was once a beauty queen, been married to my man for years and spend a lot of my time in the entertainment lounge watching the shows, all while showing off my wealth and flaunting my bling.

We had an amazing night, tried to get into character as much as we could (although I think we were probably the worse at it) and then tried to catch the murderer in which we all failed. Yep, you heard right, there was 20 of us at the party and no one guessed the correct murderer, which means we’re all really bad actors and trying to find clues, or the murderer was amazing at her role?

It’s a pretty challenging game, I felt lost at time, but tried to stay focus and catch the murderer; it’s my casino after all!

Have you played Murder Mystery before, did you enjoy it?

Sorry I forgot to take more pictures of my costume, just got too excited about the party and forgot all about it!
Murder in the City


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