Shemar Moore

Sexiest Man Alive

Still on a high from last night. I’ve been crushing on Shemar Moore since his Malcolm days on Young & The Restless and have seen every episode (at least a few times each) of Criminal Minds. I mean just look at that face (okay and his perfect body), what’s not to love? For someone that doesn’t follow celebs, this boy is all I talk about. Never in a million years would I think I’d get the chance to meet him in person, let alone actually have a one on one conversation with him. I had the honors of having a 5 minute interview with him last night, we chatted about his new film, The Bounce Back, which comes out next year, along with fashion of course. Shemar doesn’t take is inspiration from anyone, he has his own style and feels confident in everything he wears. As much as Shemar loves designer’s suits, he feels most comfortable in a pair of Huge Boss jeans and a simple tee. He loves a good Gucci suit, but they are a little too slim for him, he says “I have too much junk in the trunk”, which I said “we can all appreciate”.Shemar Moore (2) Shemar Moore (1)

I may have received a kiss or two from him, I became his “Baby Girl” for the evening and returned the favor with a kiss.Shemar Moore (1) Shemar Moore (3)
Just chatting fashion with ShemarShemar Moore (4)

The following pictures are just a few I snapped of the cast of The Bounce Back on the red carpet. Can you believe I was that close to such a pretty face- how can you not love Shemar?
The Bounce Back (1) The Bounce Back (2)
The oh so funny Bill BellamyThe Bounce Back (3) The Bounce Back (4) The Bounce Back (5)
The stunning Nadine VelazquezThe Bounce Back (8)
Entire Cast
The Bounce Back (7)
Nick Cannon’s Boy Band, 4-Count also showed upThe Bounce Back (6)
It’s time to party it up in Uniun Night Club, with a private VIP Booth, Belvedere Vodka Bottle Service and the entire cast of The Bounce Back. A night I’ll always rememberBelvedere Vodka The Bounce Back.The Bounce Back (9) The Bounce Back (12) The Bounce Back (11)
While in Toronto I also stopped by the Variety Lounge in Holts for a star like treatment from Moroccanoil and to stargaze. Moroccanoil (2) Moroccanoil (3) Moroccanoil (4)
I might have seen Richard Gere and Kevin Smith. Kevin Smith was there with some of his new cast mates for Tusk including Justin Jacob Long and Haley Joel Osment. I’m not going to lie, I had no clue who Justin and Haley were until Derek told me. Like I said, I’m not up on my celebs.Richard Gere
Why do I even bother trying taking pictures on my iPhone, this is how they turn out:
TuskAt this point, I’m not even sure if you’re interested in my outfit of the day, but here you go:
Pink Jacket (1) Pink Jacket (4) Pink Jacket (5) Pink Jacket (10) Pink Jacket (3) Pink Jacket (9) Pink Jacket (6) Pink Jacket (8)


  1. Oh…. my…. wowwwwie. That is so amazing!!! You look so cute next to him :)

  2. I LOVE The Young & The Restless & your pink jacket!

  3. Looked like a fun night,

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