Short Skirt Over 30

Short Skirt Over 30

Short Skirt Over 30

There’s something that happened when I turned 30 that made me look at my closest and hate everything in it (this fashion blog doesnt help the matter). I’m always wanting new pieces and the latest trends so I’m able to share them with you ladies. It was time for me to grow up, mature a little and evolve into a new look and style. I know we all want to hold onto our youth, and I truly believe you only look as old as you feel (and on most days I feel like a teenager) that doesn’t mean I should be still wearing low-rise jeans and crop tops. We all have those stubborn wardrobe pieces that we cling to and never want to part with (even knowing we will never wear them again). If you follow me on snap chat (CanFashionista) you would have already seen me tossing all my short skirts, but somehow this one didn’t make the cut?

I wanted to see if I could style it in a way that was age appropriate, yet still playful and fun. As I get older, I realize that formfitting, extremely short, clingy items aren’t for me, instead I tend to look for thicker fabrics that help to accentuate my sexy silhouette. I also look for slightly high-waisted designs in darker hues that give it a slight professional look, while still being lively. Another option in the cooler months is to pair your min with tights, stocking and leggings, to not only help keep your body warm, but it lengthens your legs and gives it a more “office” look and feel. Also, oversize, chunky cable knit sweaters or long, lose flowing blouses will help balance out the shortness of the skirt.

What I Wore- Blouse- Smart Set, Celine Sunglasses- c/o Smart Buy Glasses, Skirt- H&M, Purse- Saks off Fifth, Pumps- Alsdo Shoes
Celine Sunglasses Celine Sunglasses Celine Sunglasses Celine Sunglasses Celine Sunglasses Celine Sunglasses Celine Sunglasses Celine Sunglasses Celine Sunglasses Celine Sunglasses


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  1. August 19, 2016 / 1:34 pm

    Cute! I love a good mii skirt or dress, and I’m 30+ :) It’s all about the silhouette, and the look you put together is sophisticated and classic!

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