Tolan Skincare Review

All Natural and Canadian Made 

I’ve really been getting into natural skin care products lately, in hopes of clearing up my breakouts. I’ve been hearing nothing but amazing things about Tolan Skincare, a Canadian based all-natural and cruelty-free skincare line, so I was beyond excited to give it a try. All Tolan products are made from the purest of ingredients without any synthetics or toxins. It’s an innovative natural skincare line that delivers a radiant, healthy glow without harmful side effects. The best part about them, they offer sample sizes for only a $1, so you’re able to test out the products, before you purchase the full size. 

Tolan Skincare Shampoo and Conditioner are both sulfate free and are infused with therapeutic grade essential oils, such as lavender and sunflower or lemongrass which helps to stimulate and heal the scalp. The shampoo comes to a decant lather and gently cleanses the hair of any buildup or excess oil. It washes clean away without feeling heavy. The conditioner helps to detangle knots, leaving it more manageable. It helps to seal in moisture for all day softness and shine, but with a lightweight formula. Hair is left feeling soft, silky, and smooth with a spa like scent. Both sample sizes have enough product to last you a solid week of daily washing.
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Tolan Skincare Foaming Facial Cleanser is a gentle cleanser to wash away any makeup build-up, dirt and oil. It does a fairly decent job at removing makeup, although not quite strong enough for long-wearing or waterproof formulas. It’s formulated with coconut and aloe vera to help keep skin moisturized for a healthy, youthful glow. It also contains lemon for a deep clean and lavender for a long-lasting fresh scent and a refreshed feel. It comes to a decent lather with only a small dime size amount, which covers both face and neck. It too is a fairly large sample size, allowing you to use it both day and night for at least 7 to 10 days. I didn’t experience any breakouts, as it washed clean away without feeling heavy.
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Tolan Skincare Exfoliant Scrub helps to gently remove dull skin for radiant and glowing skin. It contains jojoba and apricot to remove pore-clogged dead skin cells and oil, along with daily makeup residue. It has tiny exfoliating beads throughout and when rubbed together with water, slowing start to foam up and scrub off any dirt. It’s less intense than other exfoliating beads and not as harsh, making it the perfect semi-weekly exfoliator. I actually like that it isn’t as abrasive as others, just that it feels like it is still working. The sample size is enough to use a few times to get the feel for the texture.

Tolan Skincare Marine Mask is probably my favourite out of all the products I’ve tried and the one I would recommend. It’s made with kaolin clay and bentonite clay that instantly removes dead skin cells and dries up breakouts. After only one use it gives the skin a brighter appearance and helps tighten pores so they look less pronounced. It leaves skin refreshed, smoother, softer with a radiant finish. It has a strong scent of lavender and lemon that I find extremely relaxing after a busy day. The same size is enough for 2 treatments.
Tolan Skincare Exfoliant Scrub, Tolan Skincare, Exfoliant Scrub

Tolan Skincare Age Defense claims to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles by restoring collagen and elasticity. You all know how I feel about creams that claim to do this, I don’t believe it, as no special cream will ever fully get rid of deep lines and wrinkles, it’s lightweight and almost gel-like texture does a wonderful job at hydrating the skin. The little sample size is too small to really see any long-term effects, but it’s fast absorbing and keeps skin moisturized throughout the day. 

Tolan Skincare Eye Repair Serum also claims to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, but the sample bottle is too small to truly see any effects. I guess it’s more or less to experience the scent, texture and formula before purchasing. It’s thin, minty, gel consistency feels cooling on the skin which helps reduce puffiness and dark circles in the morning. It provides a spa like experience with the scents of lavender, lemon and menthol that’s not only calming, but refreshing.
Tolan Skincare

I truly love the idea of Tolan Skincare sample sizes. While I can’t quite give you full results on several of these products, each product has a very luxe feeling with invigorating spa like scents. If you’re looking for a new Canadian, all natural skincare line to test out, I would totally suggest picking up a few samples before committing to the entire collection.



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