5 Easy Weekend Home Improvement Projects

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5 Easy Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Spring is the perfect time for some quick and easy home improvement projects. A lot of us are going to be spending the next few weeks inside, so why not bring a little joy into our homes with some home improvement projects? As much as I love a good before/after reveal, I usually can’t relate to those large-scale projects, both financially and timewise. Sometimes all you need is a fresh new coat of paint or rearrange some pieces to give your space a fresh new vibe. So, whether you’re looking for a simple weekend project to kill some time, itching to change a small area in your home without breaking the bank, or just starting to make your house a home, hopefully these 5 easy projects will help?
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A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in your home, but wallpaper can make an even stronger and bolder impact. Sure, it can seem scary and somewhat daunting, but Rocky Mountain Decals is changing the way you think of the traditional wallpaper industry. Not only are they handmade to order, in a wide variety of designs, prints and colours, but it’s 100% removable. That’s right, just peel and stick. No messy paste or water to deal with. Don’t think that just because it’s self-adhering, faster and easier to apply than your typical wallpaper, that it’s somehow lower in quality, cause it’s not. It’s just a quicker and better way to apply wallpaper that just so happens to be able to be removed at anytime without leaving a damaging or nasty residue on your wall. It literary takes the commitment out of changing any room.
Rocky Mountain Decals Rocky Mountain Decals Rocky Mountain Decals Rocky Mountain Decals

I’ve been waiting to up-date my office for awhile now, since I spend the majority of my time working from there, it never quite felt like me. If you know me at all, you know my obsession with peonies, so when I saw Rocky Mountain Decals Milk And Peonies Self-Adhesive Wallpaper, I knew it would be perfect for my space. A few of the reasons why I don’t currently have wallpaper in any room in my home is the fear of it damaging my wall and the application process. Not only was Rocky Mountain Decals Wallpaper incredibly easy to apply, giving me the confidence I need to install myself, but its self-adhesive backing is a breeze to remove. In a few short hours, Derek and I had this entire wall done, a huge cost-saving by not hiring a professional installation crew.
Rocky Mountain Decals Rocky Mountain Decals Rocky Mountain Decals

With more and more people working from home, having a clear and dedicated workspace is the key to a successful, productive and stress-free workday. You don’t necessarily have to dedicate an extra bedroom as your office, as we all use laptops and cellphones, which take up little space. Find a small, unused spot that makes sense in your home, and add a simple desk and chair. Don’t neglect the importance of sense, invest in an air freshener to make your work environment smell a little sweeter. The best office spaces aren’t just the functional and clean ones, you want to capture your own unique personality. Accent with a few personal or quirky items to truly make it your own. An alternative to the traditional whiteboard is to give your space a distinctive look with a customized chalkboard frame. You can now find chalkboard paint in pretty much any colour, allowing you to fully customize it. Take an old photo frame, paint the glass using the chalkboard paint, and then pop it back in the frame.
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If there’s one thing that has been ultra-trendy in the world of home décor for the past few years, it’s been gallery walls. It’s one design element that can instantly elevate any space and add a touch of personality to your home. Whether it’s big or small, creating a gallery wall can be a little intimidating. Filling the frames with your favourite prints, art pieces and photographs, is the easy part, it’s arranging them on the wall that’s the scary part. It’s a daunting task that most people put off. If you’re looking for a way to display your photos or art pieces, without having to properly plan, a picture ledge is an excellent alternative. I’ve seen several inexpensive ones on Amazon, but I’m sure you can even get crafty and DIY a few out of scrap wood you may have laying around?

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If you are looking to use up some of those half-empty paint cans you have sitting in your garage or basement, rethink painting your interior doors. The majority of our doors are usually white, and although it does provide a crisp, fresh feel, is can also be somewhat boring. One of the biggest changes you can make to your home, is painting a few statement doors. Not only does it cost pennies to create, it can be done in a few short hours. It’s an easy way to make a huge impact, while using up some of that left-over paint.
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Now that the sun is finally shiny more than a few hours a day, it’s time to let those beautiful rays in. One of the easiest ways to brighten up your space for the warmer weather is to replace old, heavy, dated curtains. Look for lighter fabrics to let in as much light as possible. Although some curtains can be quite expensive, you can actually make your own for under $20 (and require no sewing). All you’ll really need is basic supplies, including twin size flat sheets and clip drapery rings. Clip the top edge of your flat sheet to the drapery clips and place onto a curtain rod and let hang. I’m sure there are a ton of DIY videos on the net that can help you with the process.
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