Agent Provocateur Fatale Giveaway

What makes you feel sexy?

Summer is almost here, everyone is out running, more workout pictures on social media and everyone seems to also be eating a lot healthier. Getting those bodies ready for the beach I suppose? We’ve worked so hard to keep our bodies in tip top shape, we need a feminine and seductive scent that captivate and allure others.

Agent Provocateur, recently launched a new fragrance, Agent Provocateur Fatale, that was created specifically for the modern, successful, career woman. It’s designed for a woman that works hard, plays hard, is smart, chic, classy, provocative, fun and adventurous. She is beautiful, carefree, but never loses her composure, elegant, sensual and is a night vixen revealing a secret, mysterious side that only comes out at night. She has swagger, is confident, the kind of woman that other women envy and the kind of girl that all men want. Agent Provocateur Fatale, Fatale Perfume, Fragrance, , Tassled Pasties, Lip Balm, Nipple Balm
I’m pretty sure that describes all of you and Agent Provocateur wants to reward one of you for just being your fabulous self. I’m giving away a prize pack for the inner seductress, which includes the decadent 100ml Fatale fragrance, tassled pasties and a lip and nipple balm valued at over $200.Agent Provocateur Fatale Perfume, successful, career woman, chic, classy, provocative, fun, adventurous Agent Provocateur Fatale, Striptease, Stripper, Black Tassels, Pasties, Girls Night Agent Provocateur Fatale, Nipple, Nipple Balm, Lip Blam, Provocative, Girl Power, Sex

Agent Provocateur Fatale comes in an elegantly sexy and modern bottle with an edge. It has sharply faceted angles, shiny black metal collar and pump, to give it a sleek and modern accent, complemented with a platinum band to add an elegant touch. It features a clear crystal cap done in the same sharply faceted angles as the bottle and topped with the AP logo on the lid. The perfume itself features bold and enticing top notes of Madagascar Pink Pepper, Succulent Mango Nectar, Exotic Blackcurrant for an indescribably mysterious opening sensation that scintillates the senses. The middle notes are a mixture of florals from Velvet Gardenia, Royal Orris Absolute and Indonesian Patchouli, followed by the dry down of Sultry Skin Musk, Vanilla Orchid Aphrodisiac, Chocolate Gourmand Addiction, and Spanish Labdanu for complete seduction. This is the only scent you’ll need this summer, it easily takes you from day to night.Agent Provocateur Fatale, Love, desire, fatale, glass bottle, pretty, sexy, women Agent Provocateur Fatale, Scent, Body Mist, Light, Perfume, night vixen, swagger, confident
Agent Provocateur Fatale Giveaway

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  1. Confidence is the sexiest thing in the world!


  3. Open internationally?

  4. Nice lingerie

  5. being well dressed and well groomed.

  6. feeling confident

  7. Confidence

  8. wearing my fav pair of black high heels

  9. Red lips !

  10. Modelling.

  11. Confidence!

  12. hot shower

  13. My hubby :)

  14. I agree, confidence is the sexiest.

  15. A good hair day can make me feel sexy

  16. feeling confident … and a cute outfit! :)

  17. I feel sexy when I look in the mirror and feel skinny lol. But a good day of confidence, great hair and a nice outfit certainly doesn’t hurt.

  18. Having a good hair and make-up day!

  19. I feel sexy when I’m happy! Having confidence and a smile is the most important thing!

  20. Confidence

  21. wear a gorgeous dress, makeup and a fabulous perfume

  22. Having my makeup and hair done.

  23. New lingerie

  24. hair done and false lashes =)

  25. Have great smelling hair and dress well.

  26. my husband has been making me feel sexy for almost 24 years now!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  27. wearing a nice pair of jeans. and my husband noticing

  28. My husband is what makes me feel sexy as he is always commenting how sexy I look.

  29. Confidence & coral lips make me feel sexy!

  30. Walking around in my high heels

  31. Not changing anything any my husband saying wow you look great today.

  32. Definitely the way my boyfriend looks at me. I can have a really low self-confidence day and all he has to do is smile at me.

  33. Getting my hair and make up done

  34. When I’m fit & healthy
    Rafflecopter name: Ei Leen

  35. What makes me feel sexy is having my hair and makeup look good.

  36. Hmm the sexy black dress in my closet

  37. WHen I`m dressed up,and have good makeup and hair

  38. New panties!!!

  39. nice looking hair

  40. When I am all dressed up for a big night/event!

  41. Having my hair & makeup done anyways makes me feel a little sexier

  42. Belief in myself makes me feel sexy.

  43. Wearing heels and a sexy dress.

  44. wearing racy lingerie

  45. dressing up, doing my makeup and hair and wearing perfume :)

  46. when i’m healthy and fit, and all dressed up

  47. sexy lingerie and heels

  48. Red lipstick

  49. getting my hair done

  50. Getting dressed up and wearing a sensual perfume.

  51. I feel sexy when I’m having a good hair and makeup day! They are very rare, I tell you! lol

  52. Smelling good makes me feel sexy.

  53. A nice dress, a good hair day and some attention from my husband:)

  54. Dressing well makes me feel good and sexy

  55. My partner makes me feel sexy

  56. Great pair of shoes

  57. Great hair makes me feel super sexy

  58. I feel sexy when I smell good

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