Are Happy Girls Really The Prettiest?

Are Happy Girls Really The Prettiest?

What do you do daily to feel happier?

Who doesn’t love Audrey Hepburn? She’s fashionable, she’s gorgeous, and she’s oh-so wise. I truly believe, “happy girls are the prettiest”. Now I’m not agreeing with the fact that happiness directly means attractiveness, or suggesting that being unhappy makes you ugly, but that being happy makes you pretty, not that being pretty makes you happy. Prettiest comes from within, not the way we look or what features we were born with. No matter if your hair’s unruly, you’re in sweats and without a touch of makeup on, if you’re smiling, I find you attractive

There are days when I feel incredibly confident, and others when I’m feeling like a hot mess. This does not define me, nor does it mean I’m unworthy. The days when I’m feeling my best, are usually days when I’m in a good mood and smiling. So, the bigger question is, what can I do to boost my happiness?

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Try giving yourself a confidence boost. Sometimes easier said than done. Looking and feeling my best, not only starts on the inside, but my confidence also reflects how I look on the outside. I know when I feel put together and rocking my favourite outfit, my energy is high. When my makeup is looking flawless and my hair is looking fierce, my true personality shines and my positivity rubs off onto others.

Money can’t buy happiness but spending time with friends and family can boost your mood. It’s been proven that spending time with loved ones will make you happier. Everything else we do in our life, the things that tend to make us feel happy, are usually just another way of getting more friends and staying in touch with family.

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Get outside more. Spending time in the great outdoors offers huge advantages to your overall happiness. With as little as 20-minutes in the sunshine can not only boost your mood but improve memory and attitude. It’s also been proven that the average person is happier in natural environments, rather than urban life. So basically, the more time you spend outside, the happier you’ll be.

Donate your time or help others. Finding a few hours a week dedicated to helping others will not only make this Earth a better place to live, it can enrich your life. Try treating your loved ones to a fancy dinner, maybe a concert or even an afternoon cup of coffee. Spending money on activities, rather than material things not only makes you feel good, you are treating those around you. Of course, you can also donate your time to a local charity. Whether that’s an animal shelter, boys and girls club, or a charity that gives back to a cause you feel strongly about, giving back is so rewarding.

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What do you do daily to feel happier?

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Are Happy Girls Really The Prettiest?


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