August 9th, 2013- Silky Shirts

August 9th, 2013- Silky Shirts

August 9th, 2013- Silky Shirts

Why do I continue to buy these silky shirts? I spend 10 minutes in the morning steaming and ironing them to get rid of all the wrinkles, I’m not even in the car 10 minutes, only to get out and have the shirt look worse than it did before I ironed it. Does anyone have any tricks to prevent this from happening, maybe not wearing a shirt in the car and then slipping into it before getting out? Hehe

Today’s post is all about colour, a lot of it…. still loving to colour block….. everything, I just feel better and more happy when I’m in colour. When I talk with friends, they say that about 90% of their closet is black and white and only 10% colour (if that) and I’m the total opposite. Tell me, when do you feel most confident, when you’re in black and white or when you’re rocking some colour?

Top- Smart Set- $29- in stores now
Cardigan- Joe Fresh- $19- Sept 2010
Bracelet- c/o See Song Designs
Necklace- H&M- $15- May 2012
Capri- Smart Set- $45- May 2013
Shoes- UrbanOG- $35- online now
9 (2) 9 (1) 9 (5) 9 (3) 9 (6) 9 (4)




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  1. August 11, 2013 / 3:27 pm

    Love those colours together. And the shoes? *SWOON* I too have mostly colour in my wardrobe with very little black and white. Probably for the main fact that I look washed out in black or white. The more colour the better I say!

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