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Depending on who you talk to, shampooing daily can either be a good or bad thing. I’ve heard that over-washing can cause an unbalance in oil product and strip your hair of its natural oils, whereas shampooing daily can help stimulate the scalp and keep it free from dandruff, dirt and oil. I’ve been hearing more and more about co-washing, meaning using only conditioner in your hair to wash, but have yet to talk about it on this fashion blog. In the hot summer months, I try to spend less time getting ready and more time shopping for cute summer dresses online. Skipping a shampoo not only means less products to buy, it means less time in the shower, which is okay with me. This new suds-free approach might just eliminate shampoo all together and put an end to your bad hair days.
La Coupe Orgnx

This fall La Coupe Orgnx is launching an entire lineup of co-washing conditioners, designed to provide a squeaky-clean look and feel to the hair without the need of shampoo. Yep, you read that correctly, we’re skipping shampoo completely. Whether you’re a daily or weekly washer, Orgnx Cleansing Conditioners will keep your hair soft, smooth and easy to manage, even on second and third day hair. Not only will this save you time and money, it will save space in your shower, it’s a win, win.
La Coupe Orgnx

Orgnx Cleansing Conditioners are formulated with certified organic ingredients, no harsh chemicals and are also paraben and sulfate-free. It helps to cleanse, conditioner, treat, detangle and protect hair from continual stress in 5 exclusive formulas. Each member of the family features its own unique ingredients that are targeted towards specific wants and needs. Whether you’re looking to add volume, nourish dry hair, protect your colour, brighten and illuminate or revitalize, the brand offers a unique 3-in-1 formula for you.
La Coupe Orgnx

You first need to wrap your head around the idea that you don’t need a ton of lather to get your hair clean. In fact, whether you’re using a co-wash system or traditional shampoo, less suds is always better. Your hair will be stronger, healthier and shinier with less lather. I used to think that if I didn’t see a ton of sudsy bubbles, then my hair wasn’t getting clean. Your hair will actually look and feel silkier, softer and smoother if the formula you’re using doesn’t come to a rich and creamy lather.
La Coupe Orgnx

Next, you need to change the way you wash your hair. Eliminating shampoo all together requires a slight adjustment on how you rinse and condition. You need to make sure your hair is fully saturated in water, I mean sopping wet, before adding in the conditioner. This not only helps to evenly distribute the product throughout your hair, but it helps to loosen up any dirt or product buildup, and allow it to fully penetrate into each strand and rinse away easily.

You’ll also need to use more conditioner than you typically would with a traditional shampoo, remember you are cleansing and conditioning with this product. This is easy for me, since I never really followed that “dime-size amount rule” anyways. How many of you get “product happy” when it comes to washing? In this case, more is better.

Take your time to massage the conditioner into your scalp and allow the product to fully absorb into the hair for about 3 to 5 minutes. This will not only help break down all oil, nasty residue and styling products, but will act as a treatment mask to really moisturize and hydrate.
La Coupe Orgnx

LaCoupe Orgnx Cleansing Conditioners lightweight, gentle formula not only helps to add moisture back into my dry, dull, slightly damaged hair, it also does an amazing job at cleansing it of daily grime. It’s completely weightless, my hair never feels thick, greasy or heavy. Since it doesn’t strip any of my natural oils, it leaves my strands even smoother and silkier than before.

I’ve been loving the LaCoupe Orgnx White Citrus & Lemongrass one, designed for those with colour-treated and over processed hair. Although I like to think I have a healthy scalp, it doesn’t hurt to have a hair system that doesn’t strip my strands of pigments. Co-washing is perfect for those with colour treated hair as it allows you to go longer in between salon treatments.
Orgnx White Citrus & Lemongrass
Also in the collection, LaCoupe Orgnx Pomegranate & Ginseng, designed to add volume, while thickening and making hair stronger, Avoacado & Olive Oil, created to nourish dry, coarse hair and reduce frizz, Lavender & mint, formulated to brighten and illuminate blonds and silver foxes and Honey & Yogurt for those looking for a smoother, more radiant, healthier look. It’s coming this Fall and will retail for $9.99 for 250ml each. 

Orgnx Orgnx Orgnx Orgnx


  1. Where do you find this co-wash? I am from London Ontario as well. I normally use Wen but the cost is way too expensive for me.

    • Wal-Mart should have it

  2. Where can you buy the Orgnx cleansing conditioners? I am “late” to co-washing/ low shampoos. I live in Toronto

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