DIY Popcorn Bar For Self-Date Movie Night


Our lives are usually pretty hectic. Between busy work schedule, obligations, and day to day chores, we barely have time to spend with loved ones, let alone plan some alone time. It’s so important to pencil in a little alone time every once in awhile. Whether it’s finishing a project you’ve started, taking an extra class, learning a new talent or just pampering yourself with some self-love, it’s crucial in a long, happy and healthy life. 

As liberating as taking yourself to the movies may seem, I can never bring myself to do this. Although the idea of not having to settle on a movie I’m not interested in, sharing my snacks or hearing other people’s opinions, sounds amazing, I’ve never been that girl to go to the theatre alone. I’d much rather curl up on the sofa, with a delicious bag of popcorn that isn’t stale, loaded in greasy butter and overly salted, sounds much more appealing to me. I’m pretty nostalgic, so I’d rather stroll down memory lane with a classic movie like Grease, Dirty Dancing or Clueless, than a new, trendy movie that’s currently out. Re-watching older movies and reflecting on life leaves me feeling inspired and motivated. Smartfood Delight Smartfood Delight

Self-date night is so therapeutic, it allows you to quickly unwind and de-stress. It’s time to toss on those ugly sweats you’re too embarrassed to let others see you in, and enjoy all your favourite foods. My top pick is definitely girly movies in combination with savory and sweet treats. Popcorn, candy and chocolate go hand in hand with movie night, am I right? Creating a popcorn candy bar requires minimal prep work and is super quick and easy to put together. You likely already have everything you need sitting in your kitchen pantry. Smartfood Delight Smartfood Delight

Popcorn is what grounds your movie night, so make sure you have plenty on hand. The new Smartfood Delight Rosemary & Olive Oil is so flavourful and delicious, without having to fuss with a microwave. Its light and airy texture fulfilled my snacking needs. It manages to capture a true, authentic rosemary taste without any nasty artificial flavouring and you won’t have to compromise portions, as it’s 35 calories per cup (240 calories per 50g serving). This incredibly versatile snack tastes great with a variety of different ingredients, so get creative and try it with chocolate, sweets, candy and everything in between. Smartfood Delight Smartfood Delight

“Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Smartfood,  but all opinions on this blog are my own. I also want to thank you for supporting the brands that support my blog.”

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