February 5th, 2013

Why is it every time us girls have to get dressed up for a special event the weather is always bad? For the past few days it’s been pretty mild (for February), sun is shining, no snow on the ground and then sure enough when I have an event to attend, its cloudy, freezing, windy the whole nine yards.

 I was honored to attend the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Event in Toronto with my dear, amazing and beautiful friend Alicia from FunnyFaceBeauty and the weather couldn’t have been any colder. You know I love to dress up, I’m always looking for an excuse to buy a new dress, put on some heels and act extra girly and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I talked Alicia into dress up with me (as she bought a new fancy dress when she was in the States) but she was a little upset with me when we arrived to the event to find out we were like the only girls in a dress. Everyone else, although looked stunning were rocking dress pants and a cute top…oops sorry Alicia. I do always say better to look over-dressed than under-dressed which she would disagree with me on…. how do you feel about dressing up, better to go over the top or more basic?

Dress- H&M- $40- in stores now

Clutch- H&M- $20- in stores now

Necklace- H&M- $13- March 2012

Watch- Guess- Gift from hubby

Bracelet- The Bay- $4- July 2012

Shoes- Suzy Shier- $25- April 2012

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  1. Love your dress! This outfit is darling! And that clutch is so very cute! Love bows!

    Rachel Ashley

    • Awe you’re so sweet, I love this dress, its so girly and cute… cant wait to wear it more in the summer!

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