Floral Prints For Men

Not your typical Hawaiian shirt

I do believe it takes a strong, confident man to rock a trend that screams, femininity. Derek is the kind of guy who takes chances with his clothing and doesn’t mind, in fact he loves, sporting bold, bright colours and patterns. He’s pushing his style boundaries this season with floral prints. While in Edmonton, it seemed like every store we went into had some kind of floral print on it for men, yet no one was looking at them. Every size was still there and even when we went to the register, sale associates said “wow, that’s a bold move”. Fashion forward is how I like to think of it. Does it remind me of the Hawaiian shirts from the 80’s, sure, a little, but that’s what makes them so interesting. This time around the prints are darker, silhouettes are more figure flattering and more wearable, and are visually interesting. If you’re looking to give this trend a try, don’t go overboard with your prints, pick one statement piece per look and pair it with naturals. A classic floral printed shirt is a safe bet to get you started.

Floral Shirt- Simons
Tee- H&M

Sunnie- D&G
Skinny Jeans- H&M
Tan Shoes- Springs

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  1. That shirt is bad ass! If only I could get my man to take chances… I am going to show him this post :)

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