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If you’ve been following me on social media, you know I’m undergoing IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment at Mooi Medical Aesthetics & Spa. I’m hoping that after 6 short treatments it will help to clear up uneven skintone, hyperpigmentation, age spots and also help with my acne and breakouts. I’ve finished my second treatment and should be going back for my third one very soon. That will be my half way point and I’ll do a blog update on my progress and go into more detail on what the treatment has accomplished for my skin.

While undergoing IPL treatment, its super important to wear SPF at all times, as skin is more sensitive to UVA and UVB rays, but It’s also important to keep skin cleansed and hydrated. I’ve switched everything in my normal skin care routine (for both morning and night) and have only been using Mooi by Kristen Lee Skincare Line products for the past 8 weeks. Mooi skincare line was created by local Londoner, Kristen Lee, after she was looking for something to help her with her adult acne and couldn’t find anything on the market that worked (hello, story of my life). Her education background is in health and science and has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for years. Mooi skincare line doesn’t contain mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, colorants or parabens and comes packaged in air tight jars to help prevent bacteria from spreading and oxidizing, causing them to be less efficient. Each product features high quality, active ingredients, not fillers that you typically get from drugstore brands. Each collection is broken down into 5 categories designed for your skin type, whether that be, oily/combination/clogged pores/breakouts, pre-aging/normal to dry skin, mature/normal to dry, sensitive/red/ rosacea or my fave sun-damaged/age spots/hyperpigmented/melisma.Mooi Medical Aesthetics & Spa, Mooi by Kristen Lee Skincare Line, London Ontario, Canadian Blogger, Beauty Blog

 After chatting about my skin concerns and what I’m looking for in my daily skincare routine, we came up with a 5 piece system. It’s designed specifically for me, someone with dry, sun-damaged, breakout prone skin.

My first product, which I’ve been using both day and night is Mooi SOS Cleanser, which helps clear up blemishes while brightening the skin. It features high concentrations of pharmaceutical grade AHA, along with 15% pharmaceutical quality glycolic acid that helps to gently exfoliate surface skin cells.

Mooi SOS Cleanser is almost like applying lotion to your skin as a cleanser, it’s unlike any other cleanser I’ve used. Its rich and creamy texture is soap-free and applies and spreads easily over the skin with only the smallest amount. It cleanses the skin of all oil, dirt and left over makeup that my daily makeup remover has missed. Although it doesn’t come to a lather, is does an excellent job at getting deep down into the skin to really give it a deep clean. It does give a slight stinging sensation to the skin, due to the high amount of glycolic acid, especially if you have any minor breakouts, but within 5 seconds it’s gone. It washes clean away without any greasy or sticky residue. This is probably the only cleanser that doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry, it actually feels pretty hydrated, before even applying my daily moisturizer. It has a lovely spa like scent with just the hint of lemons. Skin is instantly softer, smoother and healthier looking. It retails for $46 for 250ml.Mooi SOS Cleanser, Mooi by Kristen Lee Skincare Line, Mooi, Kristen Lee, IPL treatment, AHA

Second step, apply Mooi Balancing Skin Tonic Toner which is alcohol-free and features natural astringents, like lemon and witch hazel, antioxidants and photo-hyaluronic to help keep skin hydrated, balanced and healthy throughout the day. It naturally banishes blemishes without any harsh chemicals and each ingredient works hand in hand to promote clean, clear, beautiful skin. It also helps to open up the pores to let your daily moisturizer and serum absorb into the skin more effectively.

Mooi Balancing Skin Tonic Toner is an alcohol-free toner and comes with an atomizer so you can either mist over your face or spray into a cotton pad and gently wipe. I’ve been using it both day and night after my cleanser and it does an excellent job at removing any excess makeup, dirt and oil that my cleanser may have missed. It is also great to mist mid-day when my skin is feeling a little dry and I need a dewy, fresh glow. It instantly soothes the skin, keeps it hydrated and targets any active blemishes I may have. It retails for $44 for 200ml.Balancing Skin Toner, Toner, witch hazel, photo-hyaluronic, banishes blemishes

Third step in my morning routine is to apply Mooi Vitamin C2 Serum. This daytime serum helps to fade the appearance of dark spots, prevents blackheads, evens out skintone, lifts discolouration and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, thanks to its highly stable form of Vitamin C. It also features plant pseudo collagen that helps encourage new collagen, while hydrating and softening the skin, along with hyaluronic acid that effectively neutralizes free radicals, helps fade the appearance of brown spots, brighten skin tone and visibly smooth fine lines. Talk about a miracle product.

Mooi Vitamin C2 Serum is a silky, lightweight serum that applies beautifully to the skin. With only 1 pump of the serum, it’s enough to cover both the face and neck. It absorbs into the skin within seconds, without feeling oily or greasy. Skin is left feeling firmer, softer and more hydrated. I love that this will help prevent the visible consequences of accumulated sun exposure this summer. It retails for $72 for 30ml.Mooi Vitamin C2, Serum, ree radicals, fade brown spots, brighten skin tone, smooth fine lines

 Last step in my morning routine is to apply Mooi Skin Recovery Moisturizer. Its natural ingredients provide antioxidant benefits to help moisturize and soothe skin. A natural blend of purifying essential oils keeps complexion clean and clear, while fighting blemishes without drying. It helps to soothe and heal current breakouts along with preventing new ones from arising, thanks to tea tree, ylang oils and green tea.

Mooi Skin Recovery Moisturizer comes in an acrylic, air-tight bottle that helps the cream remain fresh, clean and effective, without oxidizing and getting exposed to free radicals, followed by bacteria growth. Sadly to say, my pump didn’t work, so I’ve been opening it up daily to scoop out the product. (Revised, since I’m dumb and didn’t know this). Since the bottle is air-tight, if the lid is taken off and the air gets in, it needs to be reset. Simply stick a paper clip in the hole at the bottom and push up the bottom- pump works perfectly now. It has a lightweight, creamy texture that absorbs into the skin within seconds. It’s non-sticky, non-greasy and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. It’s perfect for applying under makeup, as it blends in beautifully and helps to refresh and hydrate the skin. It retails for $52.00 for 56ml.Mooi Skin Recovery Moisturizer, Moistruizer, serum, blemishes, breakouts, smooth

Third step in my nighttime routine is to apply Mooi Ultimate SOS Serum. This purifying spot treatment will help with mild to hard, sore breakouts and bumps. It’s Benzoyl Peroxide-free and contains vitamin C, gotu kola and green tea extracts to help prevent scarring and help to visibly reduce redness. Glycolic and Salicylic acids help unclog pores and keep them clean and clear. This mild exfoliant will also help tighten and clear pores and is gentle enough to use daily.

Much like Mooi Vitamin C2 Serum, Mooi Ultimate SOS Serum has a silky, lightweight formula that applies evenly and absorbs within seconds. Only 1 pump is needed to cover the entire face and neck, without feeling greasy, heavy or oily. It helps prevent blemishes and evens out my skin tone without feeling dry. It retails for $58 for 30ml.Mooi Ultimate SOS Serum, clear pores, Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, AHA, acid

 Last step in my nighttime routine is to apply Mooi Brighten & Lighten Moisturizer. It features antioxidant benefits from vitamin C that helps to protect skin cells from free radical damage that can cause premature aging, while soothing botanical extracts visibly calm skin irritated by sun and environmental pollutants. Vitazyme C ascorbic acid polypeptide is a highly stable and chirally correct that helps ensure full strength for antioxidant benefits.

Mooi Brighten & Lighten Moisturizer has a light, creamy and smooth texture that also absorbs into the skin fairy quickly. It blends in beautifully with only the smallest amount and doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. It is silky smooth, hydrating and keeps skin moisturized throughout the night. Even with my dry skin, it is still supple and hydrated in the morning, some days I don’t even feel the need for a moisturizer, it just feels so good. It doesn’t feel heavy, doesn’t clog my pores and gives a healthier, luminous glow to the skin, even if it is only to go to bed. This is a must for anyone that has hyperpigmentation and maybe my favourite product out of the collection. It retails for $72 for 56ml.Mooi Brighten & Lighten Moisturizer, vitamin C, vitamin, beauty blog, beauty blogger, Canadian blog

As an added bonus, about 2 times a week, I’ve been using Mooi Crystal Clear Exfoliating Treatment. It’s formulated with Papain to digest dry, dead skin cells and Salicylic Acid to encourage healthy cellular renewal and keep pores clear. It also contains Licorice Extract to help diminish hyperpigmentation and dark spots, along with Burdock Root to normalize oil production and Black Walnut, Oat, Rice & Slippery Elm extracts to help soothe the skin. This exfoliator does not contain polypropylene (plastic) bead particles, like many other facial exfoliants, which can actually be more damaging than good to the skin.

Mooi Crystal Clear Exfoliating Treatment comes in a jar with fine-grained powder that activates into a creamy, low-foam exfoliator. You can either add a little to your cleanser or add a few drops of water into the palm of your hands, add 1/3 cup (from the scoop provided), massage into the palm of your hand to make a paste, and rub onto skin. Rub in circular motion for 2 to 3 minutes, leave on the skin, as it hardens, for another 2 to 3 minutes before washing clean away. It instantly smoothes, refines and brightens the skin and polishes away dead skin cells and dark spots by removing the top layer of the epidermis. It retails for $55 for 4oz, but is on sale right now for only $35.75.Mooi Crystal Clear Exfoliating Treatment, London Ontario, Blogger, exfoliating, exfoliator The Pink Millennial, Canadian Fashion Blogger

 I’m extremely happy with my personal Mooi by Kristne Lee Skincare Line 7 piece system. Although it hasn’t cleared up my breakouts totally, it’s done an excellent job at keeping them at bay. I feel strongly that once you start to suffer with breakouts, no treatment or skincare products are ever going to change that. You will always have the odd breakout, since it can be caused from stress, the environment, food we eat and new cosmetics we try. I think I’m always have a few breakouts a month and I’m okay with that. When I do have a blemish, it clears up a lot quicker, usually within 2 to 3 days. My skin is looking brighter, fresher and smoother with less dry patches. A 7 piece collection might seem like a lot to most people, that’s why Mooi offers a 4 piece fundamental collection for those that only have time for a simple routine. It gets your skin off to a great start, starting at only $179. Take note of the larger size bottles, 8oz bottle for the cleanser is about double your traditional bottle. I’m 2 months into my new skincare routine and have only used about half the bottle- most systems would probably last 5 to 6 months with daily uses.



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