Halloween Friday Night Essential Kit Giveaway

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October has to be my favourite month of the year, not only because of the beautiful leaves, cool, crisp nights, Thanksgiving or even my Birthday, but because of Halloween. It’s always been my favourite holiday, cause who doesn’t love getting dressed up and pretending to be someone else for the evening?

I’ve been anything from Little Red Riding Hood, to Katy Perry to Alice in Wonderland, but no matter how amazing the costume may be, it’s nothing without the perfect makeup and nails to match. My friends at ACI Beauty are preparing for Halloween with a “Friday Night Essential Kit”, including products from their brands Ardell, Cargo Cosmetics and Ceramic Glaze and you know they want to treat 2 of my followers with these amazing goodies to kick start their costumes.Halloween Friday Night Essential Kit  (1)

These products have been carefully selected to get you ready for the sexiest Friday night of the year. This Halloween Friday Night Essential Kit Giveaway features 3 new sets of lashes from Ardell’s Bat Those Lashes collection, Ardell eyelash adhesive, Cargo Texasliner liquid eye liner and Ceramic Glaze “little black dress”, Russian Rouge and Paint the Town Purple, valued at over $80.

And the 2 Halloween Friday Night Essential Kit Giveaway winners are……. Zoe M and Jolie Zananiri
Halloween Friday Night Essential Kit  (2) Halloween Friday Night Essential Kit  (4) Halloween Friday Night Essential Kit  (3) Halloween Friday Night Essential Kit  (5)

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  1. i saw a gumball machine costume on youtube the other day that was pretty cute! i guess that’s my current favourite :)

  2. A witch — it’s a classic!

  3. I don’t have a favourite costume, I like to mix it up every year. Thinking this year I might be a zombie.

  4. I admire others’ costumes and ideas – I am not very creative – I love to see unique characters from movies, like minions

  5. Probably a pirate. Stick with classics.

  6. My favourite costume was a little donut!

  7. i was amy whitehouse

  8. I dressed up as Miss Canada one year. Got a great long white dress at a thrilft store and stuck red felt maple leaves all over it!

    • RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  9. I like the couples costume where one’s the delivery man and the other is the package

  10. My favourite is the Bumble Bee Costume.

  11. French maid :)

  12. A scary cow

  13. I was a lamp once

  14. Cleopatra

  15. My fave was Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones which was 2 years ago.

  16. medussa

  17. Oh that would be a court jester!

  18. A harajuku girl!

  19. The year I went as Popeye.

  20. My favorite costume is Wonder Woman!

  21. I saw a really cute costume on pinterest, a little girl dressed up as a starbucks frapp lol

  22. i went partying as super mario one year!

  23. My last year I went trick or treating in a reindeer outfit. My buff was and elf and my hubs was Santa (Marie Catherine)

  24. a witch

  25. My favourite was a Smurfette costume my Mom made me.

  26. My favourite costume was last year’s when I went as a gypsy :)

  27. little dead riding hood

  28. I like to dress in anything that’s oldies – 50s, 60s, 70s… :) so much fun !

  29. Flirty Flapper Costume

  30. Witch :)

  31. Ballerina! Because who doesn’t love pink and tutus

  32. Once I dressed up as Judy Jetson

  33. I love dressing up as a vampire. I know it’s not that exciting but it was always my favourite.

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