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Happy February 1st ladies. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I’ve teamed up with I Love and Shoppers Drug Mart to give one lucky lady a key locket and a I Love bath and beauty product of her choice. You can see the entire collection that’s sold in Canada here and it’s exclusively sold at Shoppers Drug Mart across Canada.

I Love has a large selection of delicious scented bath and body delights that are not only perfect for pampering yourself before Valentine’s Day, but any other time of the year. With its high quality, natural ingredients and yummy scents, it’s an affordable way to pamper yourself from home.I Love, I Love Raspberry & Blackberry Spritzer, spritzer, valentines day gift ideas, beauty giveaway

I’ve been obsessed with the I Love Strawberry & Cream Bubble Bath and Shower Gel and I Love Raspberry & Blackberry Nourishing Body Butter, but lately, I can’t get enough of the I Love Raspberry & Blackberry Spritzer. This refreshing body spritzer is perfect for days when I don’t want to wear a strong perfume. It’s light, airy, a little fruity and sweet and adds an instant burst of freshness to the skin.I Love, I Love Raspberry & Blackberry Spritzer, spritzer, valentines day gift ideas, beauty giveaway

So many yummy scents to choose from, Raspberry & Blackberry, Coconut & Cream, Strawberry and Cream and Mango & Papaya in an array of Bath & Shower Gel, Body Butter and Spritzers that will sure to add a little excitement to any bath and body regime.I Love, I Love Raspberry & Blackberry Spritzer, spritzer, valentines day gift ideas, beauty giveawayI Love key locket, key locket, i love key

Enter the I Love Giveaway below for your chance to win a key locket with an I Love body delight of your choice. You can take a peek of the entire collection here and purchase at Shoppers.


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  1. I looooove Shoppers Drug Mart ;)

  2. I love I Love Mango and Papaya Bubble Bath and Shoppers Drug Mart rewards program.
    Florence C

  3. I love a great-smelling bath and shower gel! :)

  4. I love bath and shower gels and body lotions!!

  5. I love any bath products that are vanilla or coconut! I also really love my hubby ♥

  6. I love ice cream.

  7. I love the feel of sunshine on my face!

    RAFFLECoPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  8. I love beauty products…and chocolate :)

  9. My kids and hubby. Chocolate and makeup are a close second

  10. I love summer – sunshine, dresses, reading outside, backyard BBQ’s.

  11. I love chocolate and Sunshine

  12. I love desserts

  13. Chocolate & all things sparkly and beautiful.

  14. Cute, girly things and Macaroons

  15. I love coffee, and my kids & hubby!

  16. I love my hubby, my family, food & glitter!

  17. I love my husband and kids!

  18. I love chocolate and my hubby and kids and my friends

  19. Love my family-husband-daughters and grandchildren

  20. I love my family (obviously, not sure why we always feel the need to say that).. I love coffee, ice cream, I love reading, contesting & gaming on fb.

  21. I love my family to pieces

  22. my friends, and my family, and my lovely boyfriend who support me in everything that I do!

  23. I love all my family and especially my sweet little grandsons!

  24. I love time alone, with a huge mug of tea and good book.

  25. I love LIFE! There is so much to look forward to with the GRAND KIDS!!

  26. My family

  27. I love my family, friends and new adventures

  28. my life, my family, my dogs!

  29. My family

  30. OMG! I <3 these awesome peoducts! I can't believe you're doing a giveaway!

  31. I love my little granddaughter.

  32. I love my family

  33. My 5 children

  34. I love my family and chocolate

  35. My family, traveling, and food!

  36. I love shopping!

  37. A beautiful sunrise.

  38. I love my family and dessert

  39. I love my husband, son and dog!

  40. I love my family

  41. I love my four kids, my hubby and our three pets!

  42. I love my family, music and food!

  43. I love my kids, my family, my community, food, my bike, food trucks

  44. I love my friends!

  45. i love my family

  46. I love to travel.

  47. I love my pets!

  48. I love my sense of adventure !

  49. I love books and magazines and reading!

  50. I love my son more than anything

  51. I love my friends and family!

  52. My niece and nephew!

  53. my son and husband

  54. I love my cat

  55. My family, nice weather, peace

  56. I love LIFE!

  57. I love my pets!

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