January 14th, 2014- Pop of Pink

January 14th, 2014- Pop of Pink

January 14th, 2014- Pop of Pink

Nothing like adding a pop of pink to an otherwise dull and dark colour palette. I swear, I can’t even remember the last time I saw the sun here in London, but I am happy that today reached a high of +3. I was able to go out with just a long sleeve denim shirt and a lightweight camo jacket and not freeze. For those that know me, know I hate, and I mean hate wearing a winter coat, I just feel I can’t move around in it freely. I love the idea of melting snow, although it may look a little dirty, all I can think of is…. spring is just around the corner and I wont have to wear a winter coat anymore. Am I the only one that thinks this way? I love winter for its layering, but the winter coats I could live without.

Denim Shirt- The Gap – $10 (on sale)- December 2013
Jacket- The Gap- $50 (on sale) – June 2013
Bracelets – Smart Set- $10 + $10- October 2013
Bracelet- c/o Trendy On A Budget
Purse- Coach- $359- June 2013
Jean- American Eagle- $29 – Dec 2010
Booties- Spring-$35- Feb 201214 (1) 14 (8) 14 (3) 14 (9) 14 (4) 14 (6) 14 (5) 14 (7)


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