January 15th, 2014- Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

Save a horse, ride a cowboy! My mom said I look like I’m going horseback riding, hence the name. I guess it’s because she hates these Tommy riding boots? I totally forgot all about them, found them in the basement when I was doing a little cleaning yesterday. Even though I’ve had them for over 3 years, I think I’ve only had them on a handful of times? I remember the day when I wouldn’t even think about wearing flats, now I’m loving them, although they do tend to make me look a lot shorter. It’s funny cause when I have my flats on, people always comment on how they thought I was taller. I’m just under 5’6 (which I know isn’t short), but it isn’t tall. I guess I just like the extra height?

Do you prefer flats or heels (if you could only have one)?

Shirt- Dynamite – $30 – Jan 2013
Sweater- The Gap – $55 – Dec 2013
Bracelet – BCBG – The Bay – $3 – in stores now
Purse- Michael Kors – $225 – June 2013
Cords- Urban Outfitters – $56 – Oct 2010
Boots- Tommy- Winners – $79 –  Nov 201015 (1) 15 (6) 15 (2) 15 (7) 15 (3) 15 (8) 15 (5) 15 (4)

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