July 22nd, 2013- PJs out in public

July 22nd, 2013- PJs out in public

July 22nd, 2013- PJs out in public

I will never understand how people can wear PJs out in public? At first I thought it was just college students too lazy to get dressed in the morning (which by the way no matter how hard I partied the night before, I could still manage to put clothes on before class), but the more I pay attention, the more adults I see rocking this “so called trend”. I’m a true believer in “you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort” and these new PJ inspired pants from Joe Fresh prove it. You can’t tell me this is any less uncomfortable than cotton/ flannel PJ that you see people walking around in? Okay so maybe the heels might be uncomfortable for some, but how great would these look with a cute pair of sandals, still super comfy, yet presentable at the same time.

Shirt- RW&Co.- $17- July 2012
Necklace- The Bay- $12 (on sale)- Feb 2013
Clutch- Aldo- $18- in stores now
Watch- Aldo- Gift from hubby
Bracelet- Aldo (set of 2)- $15- in stores now
Pants- Joe Fresh- $29- in stores now
Shoes- Spring- $60- April 2010
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