Like A Girl

Like A Girl

Like A Girl

Did you know that only 19% of females have a positive association toward the phrase “like a girl.”?

It’s funny, cause for me, growing up, “like a girl” was always a positive things, because… I am a girl! My mom always taught me whatever a guy can do, a girl can do 10x better. I never looked at “you run like a girl” or “you throw like a girl” an insult. I always thought the guys were just jealous, even if I wasn’t running as fast as them or throwing the ball as far as them.

Always, the leader in global feminine care, is taking a stand and taking the negativity out of the phrase “like a girl” and making it into something truly amazing. It aims to help girls of all ages feel proud and confident when doing “girly” things. The start of puberty may be one of the lowest moments in a young girl’s life and harmful words can add to the drop in self-confidents. Let’s help empower these young ladies and make them feel good about themselves.

Come take a look at this social experiment, recorded by award-winning documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield, to see how people (of all ages) interpret this phrase, “like a girl”; it’s a real eye opener and truly shocking.

I love how the young generation did fearless karate kicks, where the older girls flailed their legs and flapped their arms around. It also shows how a little encouragement can go a long way in changing the girl’s perception on what it means to be a girl. I think all parents need to have a talk with their children, at a young age, and empower them to do amazing things, as a female.

Come help turn the phrase “like a girl” into something that represents strength, talent, character and downright amazingness. Every girl is capable of greatness! Join the movement by sharing a picture or video on social media of what you proudly do as a girl. Let’s show young girls that doing things “like a girl” should never be an insult. Use the hashtag #LikeAGirl



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