L’Oreal Paris Sublime Radiance

Great skin starts at the sink and this year L’Oreal Paris challenges all of us to reveal healthier, glowing skin with their new Skin Cleansing Movement. L’Oreal Sublime Cleansers is a new line of premium cleansing formulas designed to encourage women to re-evaluate their daily cleansing routine. It features three different categories of cleansing formulas targeted for those with dry and sensitive skin, normal to combination skin and dull and tired looking skin.

will help cleanse skin of makeup, dirt and every day grime and help improve texture for a noticeably hydrated, sublime, glowing skin. When I heard it was non-greasy, I had my doubts, how can an oil base cleanser be non-greasy? The claim is right, it washes clean away, without any greasy or sticky feeling what so ever, so even if you have oily skin this cleansing oil will work for you.

L’Oreal Paris Sublime Radiance Sensational Cleansing Oil comes in a plastic pump style bottle with a lightweight oily texture that gently and thoroughly dissolves makeup, dirt, and excess oil without over-drying the skin. It rinses clean with no oily residue or greasy film, is recommended for all skin types and wont clog pores or cause breakouts. It has a sweet, refreshing, citrus scent, retails for $11.99 and will be available this month.
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To apply, add 2 to 3 pumps of L’Oreal Paris Sublime Radiance Sensational Cleansing Oil to the palms of your hands and rub together to evenly distribute the oil before applying to the skin. Massage the oil into the skin and over the eyes and then add a few drops of water until the oil transforms into a milky texture before rinsing well. You will instantly see the oil breakdown and dissolve makeup, even waterproof mascara, leaving your skin clean, soft and smooth.L’Oreal Paris Sublime Radiance Sensational Cleansing Oil  (2)
L’Oreal Paris Sublime Radiance Sensational Cleansing Oil formula is excellent, lightweight and easy to work with. Love that you don’t need any cotton pads, which means less money spent and less waste. It offers several hydrating factors and does an excellent job at removing all my makeup easily, even hard to remove waterproof mascara and cheek stains. It hydrates, conditions, and nourishes the skin from within and I’m left with wonderfully clean, refreshed and smooth skin. It doesn’t dry out the skin, doesn’t irritate the eyes and I absolutely love that it doesn’t feel oily or greasy after rinsing; it rinses completely clean and all you’re left with is clean and refreshed looking skin.
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