March 20th, 2014- Black And White Stripes

Black and white stripes might just be one of the hottest trends this season and can be a little intimidating for some. Since they’re so bold, it can be a little difficult to wear without looking wider or you just walked off the set of Beetlejuice (as my husband would call it). Stripes can make any outfit look a little edgy, just be sure to keep your horizontal stripes thin and close together, otherwise you run the risk of looking shorter and wider. For beginners, you might want to try a pinstripe and then work your way up to a wider stripe or start off with a classic black and white stripe and then working in other colour combination when you’re comfortable. Keep in mind, the wider the strip, the bolder the statement. You can also start off small by paring your stripes with a neutral and then working in fun prints and textures to take an otherwise plain outfit to a whole new level. Just remember, anyone can wear stripes, its just about finding the perfect balance for your body type and comfort level.

Sweater- The Gap
Necklace- c/o Cocoa Jewelry
Purse- Smart Set
Watch- Guess
Skirt- Smart Set- in stores now
Booties- The Bay
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