March 21st, 2014- First Day of Spring

March 21st, 2014- First Day of Spring

March 21st, 2014- First Day of Spring

The first day of spring will always be March 21st, aka my mom’s Birthday to me. Ever since I can remember it was always on the 21st, then summer happens on the 21st of June, Fall on the 21st of Sept and Winter on the 21st Dec. Now we’ve switched it to the 20th and even though I know it has something to do with the amount of time it takes to circle around the sun, I still like it on the 21st. We say we have 365 days in the year, but really it takes something like 365.5 days to complete its circle, which is why the first day of spring is getting earlier in the month. Why does everything have to be so complex, nothing is ever easy anymore. Sun is out and since its faux first day of spring, I though I would break out my coral blazer, that’s been sitting in the back of my cloest all winter, just waiting to make its first apperance.

Top – Smart Set- in stores now
Blazer- H&M
Purse- Rebecca Minkoff
Watch- Michael Kors Hunger
Bracelet- The Bay
Jeans- Smart Set- in stores now
Booties- Target
21 (1) 21 (7) 21 (2) 21 (8) 21 (3) 21 (6) 21 (5) 21 (4)


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