May 3rd, 2014- WEM Penguins

May 3rd, 2014- WEM Penguins

May 3rd, 2014- WEM Penguins

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have already known I met one of WEM penguins; kinda the highlight of my trip. Also for those that have been following this page for a while now, know I lost my BFF of 18 years to cancer back in 2008 and know run a charity in her honor. All the money raised helps support local families battling the illness. Kristen was in love penguins, okay maybe a little obsessed, and shortly after she passed, her sister and I got matching penguin tattoos to remember her by. When I heard WEM had penguins, I could hardly wait to meet them. We did the sea lion encounter and afterwards got up-close and personal with one of their penguins. It was like Kristen was right there with me, and all I thought was how can I put this lil cutie in my pocket without anyone noticing?

It’s also day 3 of my BLOSSOM x BKR Beauty Water Challenge, so far, so good, 15 bottles down only 140 more to go. I find the first 4 bottles super easy and struggle with the last one, I think the trick is to get all 5 done before the evening?

Top- Smart Set
Jacket- The Gap
Pants- RW & Co.
Heels- Le ChateauPenguins (1) WEM Penguin Penguins (2) Penguins (9) Penguins (3) WEM Sea Lion Penguins (7) Penguins (4) Penguins (8) Penguins (5)



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