Nisim F.A.S.T. Shampoo And Conditioner Giveaway

Ready, Set, Grow

Give her the gift of beautifully thicker, longer, stronger hair this Valentine’s Day. Whether she’s had a bad haircut (you know those hairdressers can go a little scissor happy sometimes), an interest in changing her style (who doesn’t want Gisele Bündchen gorgeous locks) or simply wants to grow her hair “faster”, the new NISIM International F.A.S.T. (Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy) shampoo and conditioner duo can help. This speciality wash and grow set will help to increase hair growth by up to 99% in a minimum amount of time.

I’ve seen those pills that you take orally, daily, and for months at a time to help speed up hair growth, but have always been too scared to take them. Who knows what’s in them or the long-term side effects (as these are fairly new to the market) these pills may have on our bodies. Never been one to take unnecessary pills, I’ve stayed away, but look for alternate alternatives for healthier, longer hair.Nisim, F.A.S.T. Shampoo, F.A.S.T Conditioner, hair duo, giveaway

F.A.S.T. Shampoo And Conditioner simply replaces your regular shampoo and conditioner with the same wonderful benefit as the pill form without the risk. It’s formulated with a blend of natural herbs, vitamins, proteins and amino acids that enhances the growth phase of the hair cycle. It’s formulated without any sulfates, parabens or DEA. Simply lather, rinse and repeat with both the shampoo and conditioner as you normally would, making sure to leave the conditioner on the hair for an extra minute to allow it to work its magic. It’s perfectly safe on chemically treated hair, like myself, and didn’t fade my colour any faster. Also perfectly save to use daily. It provides a gentle wash, rinses clean away and adds extra moisture back into dry, dull, damaged hair.Nisim, F.A.S.T. Shampoo And Conditioner, shampoo, conditioner, hair growth Nisim, F.A.S.T. Shampoo And Conditioner, shampoo, conditioner, hair growth

You’ll start to see results in as little as a month, but the longer you use it, the better the outcome. It’s only been a few short weeks for me, but I can already see improvement. My hair seems stronger with less breakage and it keeps the split ends at bay. I also noticed that less hair is falling out in the shower with each use. As far as increased hair growth, it’s hard to say, since my hair grows pretty quickly on its own, but it does look a lot healthier and shinier.  F.A.S.T. Shampoo and Conditioner is available online at, select Trade Secrets and salons across Canada, and starting February 2015, select Rexall locations. It retails for $34.95 for the duo, $19.95 each for 300ml or $59.95 each for 1 litre.Nisim, F.A.S.T. Shampoo And Conditioner, shampoo, conditioner, hair growth

3 lucky Canadian readers will now have the chance to have stronger, fuller, thicker, longer hair by entering the Nisim F.A.S.T. Shampoo And Conditioner Giveaway below.

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  1. this would be great for my daughter, who has long hair – she would love stronger, thicker hair – she is quite rough with her hair, often putting up in buns, ponytails etc. I think this product would really help condition her hair and make it full and strong!

  2. I am looking for thicker hair as I find with aging my hair is getting thinner.

  3. Always!!! With all the abuse my hair takes with colouring and straightening. This product sounds amazing. Thanks for the review and the contest

  4. This would be awesome ! my hair has been through so much !

  5. Yes, my hair has started to thin over the years.

  6. I am looking for thicker hair.

  7. I was recently on medication that caused a lot of my hair to fall out. :( It is growing back but I’ve noticed some areas still look really thin. I would really like my hair to be thicker again!

  8. Absolutely! My hair needs it.

  9. Yes! I love long hair!

  10. Thicker please!

  11. omg yes! I am definitely looking for thicker,stronger longer hair,,my hair is so thin and brittle!

  12. I’m looking for stronger hair.

  13. I am looking for thicker and stronger hair

  14. I’m looking for thicker hair

  15. Stronger hair. Mine is so brittle and I have to admit that I don’t take very good care of it.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  16. I’d love for my hair to be stronger!

  17. I lost all my hair due to medical treatment. It’s been growing back for two years know but it’s nowhere close to the waist-length hair I used to have. I would love for it to grow faster and be stronger.

  18. I would love for my hair to be thicker. It is so thin from pregnancy and thyroid issues.

  19. I want thicker and stronger hair.

  20. Straighter for sure

  21. I am looking for thicker & stronger, since hitting my 40’s it’s really thinned out a lot and breaks easy :(

  22. Stronger hair! My hair seems to break easily.

  23. I’m looking for thicker hair!

  24. thicker hair

  25. I would love to have thicker hair, as we get older are hair is thinning!

  26. I would love to grow my hair longer and stronger!

  27. I’ve just decided to grow out my bangs so faster help would be awesome!

  28. I would thicker hair

  29. Yes, my hair is fine and limp

  30. I’m looking for thicker hair

  31. I’m looking for all three! but mostly thicker if I had to pick one!

  32. I’m looking for stronger hair. My hair breaks so easily.

  33. Absolutely all three.

  34. Thicker hair is a goal of mine! Thanks

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