October 28th, 2013- In the Army now

October 28th, 2013- In the Army now

October 28th, 2013- In the Army now

I’m in the army now, or so I felt today. I’ve never been one to buy too many dark green/ army colour tops or sweaters, I guess I always thought green looked bad on me (especially around my face), but the more I wear this shirt (okay this is only the second time) the more I fall in love with it and feel the need to get more army green pieces in my wardrobe. I love me some army pants, in solid, camo and prints, but there’s something super sexy about this shirt, a little military inspired, a little masculine, but the lace detail on the shoulders keep it a little girl and chic.

Has there ever been a colour in your life that you often stayed away from, only to find yourself falling in love with it today?

Tee- Smart Set- $16- June 2013
Top- H&M- $40- September 2013
Necklace- The Bay- $12- Jan 2013
Purse- Smart Set- $29- August 2013
Watch- Michael Kors Hunger- $355- gift from hubby
Bracelet- BCBG- Gift from hubby
Pants- Smart Set- $40
Booties- Town Shoes- Kate & Mel- $165- Sept 2013
28 (3) 28 (7) 28 (1) 28 (6) 28 (5) 28 (4) 28 (8)



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