Savanna Dry

All-natural cider

As much as Derek could talk fashion all day long, he’d thought he’d bring you something a little different for this Manly Monday post. Sure he still looks fashionable and stylish in his new contemporary floral pattern sweatshirt by ElevenParis from East Dane, but he also wanted to share with you his drink of choice this month.

When life gives you lemons…. you drink it with Savanna Dry. My fridge has been stocked full of lemons these past few months, as that’s all Derek has been drinking. One might say it’s a little hooked on this all-natural cider with its light golden colour and medium to light body. It comes in a unique glass bottle that’s transparent so you’re able to see the rich, warm cider within. It has a fresh apple aroma with a hint of citrus that starts off slightly tart, but with a crisp and refreshing taste to it. Upon opening, you can instantly smell the fresh scent of apples. It’s not as dry as others, although you do get that dry sour taste at the back of your tongue, its high-quality ingredients keep it fresh. Savanna Dry is best served the South African way, ice cold with a slice or lemon at the neck. They like to say, Savanna without lemons, is like a leopard without its spots. You can find Savanna Dry at your local LCBO for $9.95 for 4 x 330ml bottles.

Sweater- c/o ElevenParis from East Dane
Faux Leather Jacket- H&M
Skinny Jeans- Forever 21
Boots- AldoSavanna Dry  (2) Savanna Dry  (8) Savanna Dry  (3) Savanna Dry  (6) Savanna Dry  (4) Savanna Dry  (5) Savanna Dry  (7) Savanna Dry  (9)


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