Second Cup Coffee Co Frappé Giveaway

Just in time for summer, Second Cup Coffee Co introduced a new Frappé, icy cold and subtly sweet. It’s an authentic, espresso-based blended beverage that delivers a fresh shot for summer! The Frappé is a coffee-forward beverage that is handcrafted and fully customizable. It starts with a freshly pulled shot of espresso, never a coffee based mix and combined with your dairy of choice, ice and a flavor shot (Espresso, Mocca, Caramel and Vanilla) and topped with whipped cream (if desired). It’s then blended to ice cold perfection.

When I first saw the pictures of these new Frappé, my mouth instantly started watering. I must get my hands on a few of these immediately. To celebrate this new Frappé, I’ve teamed up with Second Cup Coffee Co to offer one lucky reader a prized pack valued at over $100 for those coffee lovers that like the taste of a good coffee, but done over ice.
Second Cup Coffee Co Frappé


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  1. Oh yum! A vanilla shot would be deelish!

  2. Mocca or caramel for me!!!

  3. Caramel for me, please!

  4. Vanilla shot for me!

  5. I would get the espresso shot, sounds so good

  6. vanilla

  7. Vanilla for sure :)

  8. Caramel would be sweetly delicious!

  9. I love them all but am a bit partial to

  10. A Mocha shot would be good

  11. Vanilla

  12. French vanilla! YUM!

  13. vanilla

  14. i would get vanilla

  15. Caramel

  16. I would get vanilla!

  17. I am all about the vanilla!

  18. The mocca

  19. caramel!

  20. Mocha for sure

  21. I would get the vanilla shot

  22. Vanilla

  23. caramel yum

  24. A vanilla shot

  25. Vanilla

  26. Caramel

  27. Vanilla for me!

  28. Mocca

  29. Those are my 4 favourite flavour shots…and I personally think vanilla and caramel should go together but if I was choosing just one I would get caramel

  30. Caramel

  31. Vanilla for me :)

  32. Caramel!

  33. Caramel!!

  34. vanilla

  35. Mocca!

  36. caramel. mm

  37. Caramel! Just right in the sweetness area.

  38. I would get a caramel flavor shot,,yum!

  39. Vanilla

  40. Caramel ❤️

  41. Caramel!

  42. I would choose Mocca.

  43. caramel sounds great

  44. Caramel-my favourite♥♥♥

  45. vanilla for me :)

  46. Caramel

  47. Vanilla is my fave.

  48. I’d get caramel

  49. Caramel for me

  50. Mocha sounds delicious, I’d get that!

  51. vanilla! sounds yummy

  52. Vanilla is always my favorite flavour shot!

  53. I would get vanilla.

  54. I would get the Vanilla!

  55. straight espresso.. :)


  56. Caramel

  57. I would get the Vanilla Shot.
    Florence C

  58. I would get a Vanilla shot.

  59. I would love a vanilla shot! It adds a nice flavour!

  60. Mocca

  61. I would get vanilla

  62. get the Vanilla Shot.

  63. vanilla for me!

  64. Caramel

  65. love carmel

  66. mocca. i think i like any frapp..

  67. I would get vanilla.

    – amber y

  68. classic vanilla yummmmy!!!

  69. vanilla

  70. a Caramel shot for me please.

  71. I think I would try vanilla first

  72. Yummy! I’d get expresso

  73. I would get Vanilla

  74. mocca!

  75. Espresso

  76. Espresso please

  77. I just had one of these with no flavour shot. I think I’d like to try the Mocca one.

  78. would get Vanilla

  79. ❤️ Caramel!!

  80. caramel :)

  81. Vanilla

  82. i would like to try vanilla!

  83. I’d try Mocca!

  84. Vanilla :D

  85. I would get a caramel flavour shot :)

  86. Espresso, obviously. A classic choice.

  87. Vanilla

  88. caramel!!

  89. vanilla

  90. I would get caramel

  91. I’d try Mocca

  92. I would go with vanilla.

  93. Caramel!

  94. I would get mocca!

  95. Caramel for sure!

  96. Definitely vanilla!

  97. Vanilla

  98. Vanilla! So yummy!

  99. Vanilla, yum!

  100. I would get vanilla

  101. I would get caramel!

  102. Great giveaway!! :) Found you through the Canadian Beauty Bloggers website :)

    I would get the caramel flavour shot :D

  103. I would get the vanilla shot.

  104. I’d get vanilla!

  105. I think I’d get vanilla!

  106. Caramel

  107. I would get the vanilla one! Yummy!

  108. I would get the caramel one.

  109. I would get vanilla

  110. I would get mocha <3 anything with dark chocolate is heaven for me! :D

  111. Vanilla

  112. Espresso

  113. vanilla

  114. Vanilla!!

  115. caramel!

  116. Caramel

  117. caramel :)

  118. I would get a vanilla shot!

    Raincouver Beauty

  119. A shot of Vanilla

  120. I would get either Vanilla or Caramel!

  121. I would get the vanilla flavour shot

  122. I’m pretty sure I’d go for the caramel one!

  123. I would get vanilla.

  124. I would get caramel

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