September 10th, 2013- Fashion Magazine Style Panel Question

Fashion Magazine Style Panel Question this week is how to revamp a white button down shirt; the white button down shirt is both traditional and modern and will never go out of style. It’s a must in every girl’s closet as it can add a fresh, clean look to any outfit that can be mixed and match with pretty much every single piece of clothing in your closet. It gives a sense of sophistication to any ensemble, with a touch of masculinity providing the perfect combination. There is a perfect white button down shirt for every body type and for every season, the trick in mastering this trend is to make sure it fits like a glove. I’m keeping it classic and playing into the black and white trend that’s going to be huge for Fall 2013 in today’s look.

Shirt- Smart Set- $35- 2009
Blazer- Forever 21- $30- April 2012
Watch- Guess- Gift from hubby
Bracelete- BCBG- Gift from hubby
Necklace- c/o Cocoa Jewelry
Purse- Target- $40- April 2013
Jeans- Smart Set- $56- June 2012

Shoes- Spring- $40- May 2013

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  1. I love this whole look. The play on polka dots as well as that hot bag! Hawt hawt hawt!


    • Awe, thanks so much sweetie, means a lot to me ;-)

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