Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal 4X

Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal 4X

Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal 4X

Ladies are you tired of shaving, waxing and spending a ton of money at the salon for laser hair removal? If you’ve answered yes than the Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal 4X might be the solution to solve all your problems. Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal 4X is an over-the-counter system that eliminates unwanted hair by emitting a pulse of laser light, which adheres to the dark pigment inside the hair and deactivates the hair follicle. Because the laser light needs to target dark pigment, the Tria can only work on naturally brown or black hair for the face and body and is also only intended to use on light to medium skin tones. The Tria is the only permanent, at home laser hair removal device that’s FDA approved on the market today.

If you’re wondering if the Tria is appropriate for you, know that it is the fastest, permanent hair removal system on the market, compared to their competitors, its safe enough to use on both face and body with the FDA stamp of approval and it has 5 comfort settings allowing use on even the most sensitive skin. Do note that it comes with a hefty price tag ringing in at $449 (found at Sephora), but you can’t really compare it to shaving or waxing as those aren’t permanent and laser hair removal is. When looking into salons for laser hair removal I was getting quotes of upwards of $1000-$1500 for my legs alone, so the fact I’ll be able to do both my legs, under arms and bikini area, I think this is a much more affordable alternative?
Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal 4X (1) Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal 4X (1)
In preparation, before using the Tria, you’re going to want to stop waxing or plucking 6 weeks prior to starting with the system. The day of, you’re going to want to completely wash the area you wish to treat, making sure its clear of any cosmetics, lotions and cream that will block the laser light. You also want to make sure to shave the area as closely as possible as you want the laser to be concentrated under the skin and toward the root, so you want to remove as much hair as possible above the skin. I also find the closer the shave, the less it will hurt. Dry the area completely and then you’re ready to start.
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The Tria is always locked when not in use, so before each use you must unlock it by turning it on and holding the skin sensor against your skin in the area you want to treat. If it’s safe enough to use, it will turn green and you’re ready to go. The Tria has five treatment levels and you should always use the highest laser setting you can tolerate for the best results. The Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal 4X is simple to use, only requires two steps. Step 1 is to place the Tria against your skin and listen for the first beep, when it has finished treating that area it will beep a second time (within 1-2 seconds). Step 2 is to lift the Tria and place it back on the skin so that it overlaps the previous spot and continue on until you have reached the targeted pulse count per body part. The Tria has three contact sensors to safeguard against any misuse and if all three contact sensors are not touching the skin, the device will not emit a pulse of light. If the device is moved or lifted from the skin during a laser light pulse, the Tria will signal that the area needs to be treated again by emitting a short buzzing sound. Full proof, right!
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Here’s a general idea of how many pulses per treatment and how long it will take to cover each body part. Underarms is about 100 pulses per side and takes about 5 minutes per side. Bikini area is about 200 pulses per side and takes about 10 minutes per side. Lower leg is about 600 pulses per side and takes about 30 minutes per side. As you can see, depending on the area you’re treating this is going to take some time and patience, you will be treating the same area every week for 3 months or until you are satisfied with the results.
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The Tria comes with a recharger that takes about three hours to fully charge and you cannot use the Tria while it’s plugged in. A fully charged Tria will last you about 40 minutes, so I did find it somewhat annoying when doing my lower leg as I could only treat one leg at a time, then had to wait 2 hours for it to charge again and start on the next leg. The Tria also has a built in cooling fan that goes on and off during your treatment, this is nothing to be alarmed about it, just keeps your system cool so it doesn’t over heat.
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My overall experience has been wonderful and stress free thanks to its detailed instruction book that is very clear and detailed and walks me through the whole process from set up to results. When I first opened the Tria box I was a little unsure on what to expect and if I was even going to be able to treat myself as I know the salon professionals have years of training behind them. The Tria is a lot larger than I envisioned and the laser window was a lot smaller than I expected, but its super easy to use and even though it’s quite large, it rests nicely in my hands. Since its cordless I don’t have to worry about any cables getting in my way when I’m twisting about to get behind my legs, pretty smart if you ask me? I know the number one question on your mind right now is, is it painful? I wouldn’t say it’s not painful but there is some discomfort involved and it all depends on the intensity level you are using the laser. Since there are five intensity levels which range in strength from low (1) to high (5) and everyone’s tolerance level is different, but generally speaking when using it on a less sensitive area like your legs (which I’ve been treating) level 1 I found completely painless, level 2 feels like a faint elastic band snap against your skin, level 3 involves a small but tolerable level of discomfort and levels 4 & 5 I found pretty much unbearable and didn’t end up using. The higher the level you use the less likely the hair is to grow back, so during my treatment I kept it at level 3 and I found it worked perfectly for me.
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The Tria claims that you won’t notice any changes until your third month but I started to notice a change after only the third treatment. I started my session on April 20th and here we are 13 weeks later, so just over the 3 month mark and my lower legs have about 70% less hair re-growth then when I started. When I shave I get a very close shave and my legs stay soft and smooth for weeks at a time now. I’ve ended up with beautifully smoother more radiant skin that doesn’t require me to shave as often. With Tria you can save money in the long run with a massive reduction in the amount of money spent on beauty salon treatments, waxing or shaving. I’m going to continue to use my Tria on my legs until I see no new growth, but wanted to get a review up for you in the meantime. I am also going to be moving on to my underarms now, yahoo! This Tria is my new BFF, its amazing and I think totally worth the money. I really can’t say enough good things about it.
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I guess the only downside to the Tria, which really has nothing to do with the system itself, but how long it takes in general to achieve results. Laser treatment is not a quick fix solution, but something which takes time, effort and commitment and it’s taken me 3 months and a bit of patience to get where I am today. The great thing about the Tria is that once the hair is gone, it’s gone forever!
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Here’s some quick stats for those that are interested:

Hair count reduction:
3 weeks after 1st treatment: There was a 61% mean hair count reduction from all body areas
3 weeks after 2nd treatment: There was a 70% mean hair count reduction from all body areas
4 weeks after 3rd treatment: There was a 60% mean hair count reduction from all body areas

Texture of skin showed vast improvements compared to their usual method of hair removal:
43% reported that TRIA produced “smoother skin”
38% of subjects reported that TRIA produced “less skin irritation and bumps”
20% reported that TRIA produced “softer skin”

Overall satisfaction:
After the first hair removal treatment, 45% of the study participants reported they were “satisfied” with their results 25% reported they were “very satisfied” with their results
17% reported that they were “extremely satisfied.”

Just four weeks after the third laser hair removal treatment using TRIA, the number of “very satisfied” users increased to 32% and “extremely satisfied” users increased to 42%.
Overall, 100% of study users rated their results as satisfactory or better after the third treatment.

Re-Growth Results:
87% of Tria laser users that any hair re-growth was finer
85% of Tria laser users that any hair re-growth was less noticeable
70% of Tria laser users felt that any hair re-growth was lighter 




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