Which fashion house will have their next reality TV show?

Which fashion house will have their next reality TV show?

Which fashion house will have their next reality TV show?

My top 3 fashion reality TV shows

I’ve never been one to watch reality TV, accept The Simple Life way back in 2003, The Hills and shamefully, Jersey Shores. I never understood why someone would want to spend time on an isolated island, fending for food, water and shelter and then competing in disgusting challenges to win money. Also never understood why women would want to “fight” with other women for the love and affection of a bachelor they don’t even know. Is there a shortage of men in their city? I have watched a few episodes of Project Runway‎, partly because I love fashion and enjoy seeing and hearing about new and up-coming designers, and partly because I love Heidi Klum. The part I don’t like about these types of shows, is the rejection period. I feel awful when their creations are torn apart or they get kicked out of the competition. My ideal show, a well-known fashion brand with their own reality TV show. Would love to see some of my favourite celebrities with their own clothing line, with their own show, focusing on the ups and downs of the business and a little behind the scenes on how everything is created and put together.

As much as I love Gwen Stefani, I’ve talked about her several times on this blog, and how she was the first concert I saw, I think she keeps her life too private to come out with a reality show. I love that she’s a mom and in her 40’s, yet still looks effortlessly chic and on trend all the time. Her L.A.M.B. line is such a huge influence in the fashion industry, with her perfectly matched chic rocker look, but I don’t think she gets the acknowledgement or attention she deserves. A TV show would definitely boost her recognition and brand awareness. 

Since Nicole Richie was one of the first reality TV superstars, it is only natural, and I’m actually surprised she doesn’t already have her own reality TV show for her incredible line, House of Harlow. Not only is she incredibly talented, she’s silly, goofy and funny which makes for a great show. She’s a huge influential force in the fashion world and I just know people would tune in to see what’s she’s been up to weekly.

Last, but certainly not least, the beauty, Miss Lauren Conrad (aka LC). She may be best-known for her time on Laguna Beach or The Hills, but after leaving Vogue to take on her own fashion lines, LC Lauren Conrad and Paper Crown, it has been nothing but uphill since then. Not only does she create beautiful classic dresses, with a mixture of trendy clothing pieces, accessories and handbags, it comes with a price everyone can afford. It also doesn’t hurt that’s she’s a natural in front of the camera.


I want to know your top three designers you’d love to see have their own reality TV show.



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