I Can Taste The Ocean On Your Skin

I Can Taste The Ocean On Your Skin

I swear Derek has more colognes than I do perfumes. He switches up his scent as often as he changes clothes. Just like how he gets dressed in the morning, by mood, he picks his fragrance depending on how he is feeling that day. Some days he’s looking for a crisp and refreshing scent, other days deeper and more complex. He does tend to keep his scent light and airy in the summer months though, nothing too heavy or woody. The new Mary Kay limited edition High Intensity Ocean Cologne is a spin on their original High Intensity Sport, but with a summertime twist.

Mary Kay High Intensity Ocean Cologne Spray comes in a rich and deep turquoise bottle with almost a neon green cap. It features top notes of sea mist accord, Italian bergamot, green mandarin, juniper berry and ginger spice, with middle notes of nutmeg, geranium and water fruits. Its base notes consist of patchouli, oak moss and white Amber. It’s perfect for the man who wants to have the freedom of the sea this summer. He’s confident, a little sexy, without trying too hard and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Although the Mary Kay High Intensity Ocean Cologne Spray starts off quite sweet, fresh and citrusy, it’s quickly grounded by the white Amber. It does have a unique floral scent, thanks to the patchouli, which you don’t normally find in a man’s fragrance. This unusual twist is still quite masculine and inviting, but I can see it appealing to the younger crowd. The complexity of these unique notes give the flexibility to wear both day and night. Think warm sunny days on the beach and cool, crisp evenings on the patio over drinks. It’s the perfect summer scent for the man who’s feeling energized, recharged and ready to conquer the world. This light, refreshing and citrus scent can be worn in an array of events, including summer weddings, backyard BBQ’s, or a night of bar-hopping. It retails for $49 for 73ml, along with a Hair and Body Wash for $22 for 192ml.
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