Extremely Windy

Extremely Windy

Extremely Windy

Running a fashionista blog has its ups and downs, ups being all the amazing people I’ve met over the past 6 years, downs being photographing your outfit of the day in severe wind. I swear my baby lips lip gloss kept getting stuck to my hair today, nothing sexier than eating your own hair in photos. Let’s not forget that when it’s extremely windy, your skirt starts to take on a life of its own. It was constantly going up my “you know what”, again, super flattering for photos. I can’t even tell you how many locations we had to travel to today, “trying” to find that perfect, less windy spot. This is just a few of the daily struggles I face every day.

That being said, how amazing is this pink and white floral skirt? I’ve had it sitting it my closet since my trip to Antigua with my mom way back in September. I got so many compliments on it at the hotel, but haven’t worn it since (probably cause the weather hasn’t been the nicest)? I think by pairing it with a fuzzy off-white sweater, it makes it totally appropriate for this time of year. Since the weather has been above zero for the past few days, it has me dreaming of warmer, sunnier days ahead. Bring on spring.

What I Wore- Sweater- Smart Set, Skirt- Shein, Watch- c/o Wittnauer, Sunglasses- c/o Polette, Bangle- c/o Avon, Clutch- Aldo, Pumps- Le Chateau
Floral Skirt (1) Floral Skirt (11) Floral Skirt (2) Floral Skirt (6) Floral Skirt (3) Floral Skirt (8) Floral Skirt (12) Floral Skirt (4) Floral Skirt (9) Floral Skirt (10) Floral Skirt (7)



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  1. March 1, 2016 / 9:11 pm

    That darn wind – it’s just been crazy lately! I had the same problem when I was shooting the other day…but I guess looking back, wind is better than snow.

    Anyhow, that skirt is super cute. I’m sure you’ll wear it more once spring decides to show up!

    Something About That

  2. March 2, 2016 / 8:16 am

    That fuzzy sweater is amazing. I have such respect for you fashion bloggers that still manage to take lovely photos despite wind/freezing cold weather. You go girl!

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