Fake Bake Tanning Body Butter

Fake Bake Tanning Body Butter

Fake Bake Tanning Body Butter

 I didn’t think my skin could get any whiter, that is until the winter months and my skin doesn’t get to see sunlight for months at a time. You then factor in the extra dry skin and the fact I hate to wear tights and you’ll know that this Fake Bake Tanning Body Butter has come at the perfect time. Fake Bake Tanning Body Butter allows you to build a beautiful tan using the softest shea butter ingredients that’s light enough to use daily. You can gradually build on top of the tan (or not so tan) you already have and this body butter can replace your daily moisturizer. “Now you can Butter – your -Body – Bronze!”
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Fake Bake Tanning Body Butter comes in a giant, 4oz tube along with a set of gloves to apply the body butter with. It has a thick, rich and creamy, yet almost whipped and lightweight, sheer texture to it. It contains naturally derived anti-oxidants to aid in fighting free radicals that ages the skin. It’s packed with shea butter and vitamin E to provide a beautifully soft and hydrated feeling to the skin. It has a bronze tint (that acts as a colour guide) to it that makes it almost full-proof in achieving the perfect golden glow, then you can sheer it out if you like a softer, lighter tan. It has a rich, warm, chocolate scent to it and not that strong tanning scent like other self-tanners.
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Fake Bake Tanning Body Butter can be applied after the shower or bath and after exfoliating (to get rid of any dead skin for smoother application). You can use the gloves to apply the body butter (so your hands are steak free), but I find it harder to work with, so I just use my bare hands and then just wash toughly right after. You can apply as little or as much as you like to achieve your desired darkness and then maintain it by using it 2 to 3 times a week.
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I’m in love with this Fake Bake Tanning Body Butter as it has a luscious, almost pudding like texture that almost melts into the skin to give it a velvety softness while providing an immediate, believable, sheer bronze colour. My skin looks softer, healthier, moisturized with a natural glow that lasts for days. I’m in love with the chocolaty, marshmallow shea butter scent that gives my skin the hydration it needs in this dry Canadian winter. I’m especially in love with the fact it’s a 2 in 1 product, it lets me moisturize as well as get a tan at the same time; what’s better than that? It retails for $20.99 for 4ozs.
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  1. Maria
    December 6, 2013 / 7:56 am

    I tried this last year. My tan was patchy and uneven. Better products out there.

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