February 2011 Giveaway

February 2011 Giveaway

February 2011 Giveaway

And the winner for February’s contest is……. Raz Kassam. Raz most expensive piece is her gucci boston bag (that her hubby bought her for her Birthday)- what a nice guy. 

The piece she would spluge on would be a pair of christian louboutin shoes or a pair of sexy Gucci shoes or any high end fashion designer shoe in purple (she might get a pair for her Wedding Day? 

We all like to splurge once in awhile, correct?

Although now that I’m married & own a home I don’t spend as much money on clothing, shoes & accessories as before (yes this may be seem hard to believe) but trust me I was way worst in my early 20’s- haha. 

This month’s contest I heard from so many fashionista on what they splurge on, anything from designer dress, shoes & purses, to riding boots, leather jackets & pants, ball gowns/ fancy dresses, designer sunglasses, designer jeans & so much more. 

My most expensive item to date would have to be my Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolour Speedy 30- which now is about 6 years old & I think I’ve only used it maybe 15 times. It was all the rage back in the day when Jessica Simpson was working hers all the time, I had to have it. My husband spent over $2000 on it, but that was also right around the time of the “knockoffs” starting coming out- all the young girls had the fake one & I thought people would think mine was also fake, so it lost its appeal to me. Might have to bring it back out of the closet & start rocking it- what do we think?


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