Niveas Summer Touch Tan Body Moisturizer

I really looked forward to doing this beauty review on Sunless Tanners, as I love a good tan and a sun kissed glow. I was the girl that would spend hours outside trying to get my tan on & lived in the tanning beds (cause I never wanted tan lines), but ever since my best friend died of cancer almost 3 years ago, I stay away from the tanning beds. This does not mean I don’t hit up the beach every summer (I just don’t stay out as long & I make sure I have a little sunscreen on, not oil), I’m trying to do better. 

Most ladies still crave a summer tan, a perfect glow and a little sun. To get the glow without the harmful UV exposure I’m going to be testing a sunless tanner I bought, Nivea Summer Touch Tan Body Moisturizer, 250ml at Shoppers Drug Mart for $10.99. 

I only did my arms and hands, so you will be able to see in the picture the colour difference from my chest, neck & face. It says you have to use it for 5 days to get the full effect. I started to see the colour difference after only two days, by the third day I had a pretty nice colour going on, by the fifth day, I was pretty dark (I would not want to go any darker as I think it would start to look fake)? 

I know its hard to tell in the pictures, but if you looke at the before and then Day 5, you can see the colour difference (I think it looks a lot darker in person)? 

I thought this product was very easy to apply (a little cream went a long way). The first time I used it, I put about the same amount as I would use of my regular lotion & it was about two times too much. It absorbed into my skin right away. It not only gave me a little colour it kept my skin really smooth & hydrated for the full day, no greasy feeling like some lotion. You apply it the same as you would any other body lotion, went on really easy. I did wait the full two minutes before I put my clothes back on each time I used it. It’s been 4 days since I last used the cream & I still have colour. I have not noticed any colour coming off onto my clothes and I even wore a white shirt one day, just to test it. 

What I didn’t like about it:

The smell, it was not awful but it also wasn’t the greatest. Not sure what you can compare it to, but I found after a few hours & with a little perfume you could not really smell it anymore. Maybe a good idea would be to apply it at night? 

Second con for me would be the fact that my hands are a different colour than my arms. I guess this would be because you wash your hands so many times during the day (compared to the rest of your body) that the colour fades faster? I guess all you would have to do to fix this problem would be apply it two or three times to your hands each day (like whenever you wash your hands)?? 

Last thing would be in some spots (where I did not work it into my skin properly or maybe had too much product on) it kind of looks like dirt marks? I think with time & the more times you use this lotion, you would get better at it & really from a far, no one would even notice it. 

Overall I would definitely use this one again. It gave a natural colour that wasn’t too intense or fake. For the price you get a lot of product out of it, I think if you use it every day for a month you would have enough (a lot cheaper than going to the tanning beds & a lot safer).



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