February 4th, 2014- Fashion Magazine Style Panel Question

  Fashion Magazine Style Panel Question this week is how to dress sexy for Valentine’s Day, outfits that are classy not trashy and I believe you don’t need to show a lot of skin to look and feel sexy, it’s all in your attitude and how you present yourself. One of the biggest mistakes a lot of girls make is they wear too tight clothing, while showing too much skin all at the same time. Sometimes less is not always more, you don’t want to bare it all so a good motto to live by is, if you want to show cleavage, cover up your legs and if you want to show a little legs, cover up the top. Sexiness comes from within and you always want to leave something to the imagination, don’t try so hard, just feel good about yourself and what you’re wearing and it will reflect on the outside.

Jacket- Club Monaco- $23 (on sale from $259) – in stores now
Tee- Smart Set-
$18- Nov 2012
Necklace- c/o
Jewlz from Linever
Clutch- Aldo-
$18- July 2013
Bracelet- The Bay-
Skirt- Smart Set- $40- Nov 2010
Heels- Aldo- $70- Dec 2013
Shoe Clip- c/o

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