How To Mix Prints In 3 Easy Steps

I often get asked how to keep an outfit looking interesting and appealing, without looking like a cartoon character. Today we’re going to master the art of mixing prints in 3 easy steps. I’m going to share my tips and tricks that I use daily on this fashion blog to mix patterns like a fashion guru. I’m always looking for ways to keep my outfits visually exciting and mixing prints is the easiest way to draw attention to any look. If you’re just starting out and looking for print pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe, you may want to keep an eye out for less expensive, need I say, cheap clothing. That way, if you don’t like a certain print or pattern, you haven’t invested a ton of money. The more you play with prints, the more you’ll come to learn which patterns you love and which look best on your body type.   

How To Mix Prints In 3 Easy Steps:

Step one, pick a print that’s going to be your focal point. This could be a bold stripe skirt or an extremely bright floral shirt, either way, you want it to be eye-catching and head-turning.

Step two, pick a smaller print, or a pattern that goes with everything. Thin stripes, small polka-dots, animal prints, tend to mix well with other larger prints.

Step three, pick a neutral. Think black, white, brown or grey to pull the entire look together.

Key points to keep in mind when creating your outfit, one print should be the dominant pattern and one print should be more subdued, tie it in with a neutral and you have just mastered the art of mixing prints.

What I Wore- Top- Smart Set- Jacket- H&M- Necklace- c/o Shop Miss A, Sunglasses- c/o Oakley, Skirt- Smart Set, Purse- Kate Spade, Watch- c/o Bulova, Heels- c/o Avon
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