June 5th, 2013- Spikes And Florals

June 5th, 2013- Spikes And Florals

June 5th, 2013- Spikes And Florals

This girl is so happy Target is finally in Canada, I know a lot of people are not happy with it and I’m not sure why? I feel the prices are never going to be the same as the US, although I bought this purse for $30 here in Canada and they sell it in the US for $27, dont think that’s too bad if you ask me? I try to make it to my local Target about once a week, just to see whats new and exciting and I always seem to find like 5 things I want. I fell in love with this floral boyfriend shirt right away, then when I saw it was only $20, I knew I had to have it. Although it is a long sleeve and maybe not the smartest thing to get for summer, its lightweight and the sleeves can be rolled up making it perfect for those not so hot days.

Also can we take a minute to talk about how much I love these spiked shoes? I got them for the Wal-Mart Challenge I took (found here) for only $29, how can you go wrong? Then when you pair spikes and florals together, you have the perfect outfit!

Top- Target- $20- in stores now
Necklace- Cocoa Jewelry
Purse- Target- $30- April 2013
Bracelets- Wal-Mart- $5- in stores now
Coloured Jeans- Smart Set- $55– March 2013
Shoes- Wal-Mart- $29- in stores now

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  1. Wanda Jollymore
    June 5, 2013 / 9:41 pm

    This outfit is really cute. I’d wear this to go for a “wing & beer” date with my hubby or to go visit friends on a Saturday evening. I am not usually a ‘shirt’ kinda girl, but you made me re-think. I wonder what it would like if I cut off the cuffs and made it into a button tab sleeve? I guess there is nothing for it but for me to stop by Target right away and check it out.

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