Louise Vuitton Vintage Handbag

Speedy 35

I’ve been wanting a Louise Vuitton vintage handbag for a while now, just wasn’t sure on the style. I knew I wanted it to be vintage, meaning at least 20 years old. I currently own the Louise Vuitton White Monogram Multicolor Speedy, think Jessica Simpson days, and hardly ever use it. I really should have went for a more classic piece, instead of falling for a trend, live and learn I guess?

Anyways, this time around, I wanted a classic print, nothing fancy, yet something I would have forever. I love the idea of buying vintage, just think of all the places and people it’s met. The hubby surprised me with this beautiful Louise Vuitton Speedy 35 from October 1995 (my Birthday month), which makes it even that more special. I really can’t believe the condition of it, considering it’s over a 20 years old, it looks brand new. Thank you Derek.

What I Wore, Sweater And Pants- H&M, Necklace – Kate Spade, Watch- Michael Kors, Bracelet- c/o Pinkstix, Purse- Louise Vuitton vintage Speedy 35, Booties- Nine West
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  1. great bag but those pants are perfect. I love this look

  2. I’ve had my bag since the 80’s still in great shape.

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