LOULOU Fall 2013 Edition Luxe Box

Loose Button has done it again this season, they’ve teamed up with LouLou to create a Limited Edition Luxe Box, all handpicked from the editors and beauty team. This box is curated by industry experts and all the products chosen were featured in LouLou’s October issue. This LOULOU Fall 2013 Edition Luxe Box will act as an upgrade from their regular box this season, where you’ll be able to swap out your Fall Luxe Box to the LouLou box for only an extra $7. As an extra bonus, when you up-grade your box you will also receive 4 issue bonus subscriptions to LouLou Magazine.

When I first get any subscription box I like to first take a peek at the product card, where it tells you everything that you’re going to receive in your box, as I like to know how many full-size products I’m going to be getting inside. As I read through the card, I couldn’t believe that there was 4 full-size goodies in this limited edition box, on top of the other 4 samples size products. This is going to be a great box.
LOULOU Fall 2013 Edition Luxe Box  (1)
First up is the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Grapevine that features a 3-in-1 formula that provides a smooth finish, even color, and wear-resistant glossy shine. I’m excited to test out this long-lasting, fail-proof nail look that’s quick, easy, and dries quickly in this stunning purple shade. It retails for $5.99.
LOULOU Fall 2013 Edition Luxe Box  (5)
Next up is Barefoot Venus Bath Bliss and the company says “Everything is sweeter when a Bath Bliss melts into a sinfully scented bath, leaving your skin totally irresistible.” I can’t wait to soak in the tub tonight with this easy to use bath bliss, just place in warm water and relax with the heavenly scent that’s created with mango seed butter, sweet almond oil and coconut oil. It says to leave your skin velvety smooth and retails for $4.99.
LOULOU Fall 2013 Edition Luxe Box  (7)
Third up is the Be a Bombshell Eyeliner that’s long lasting, water resistant, and promises to take you from day to night without smudging or fading. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things from Bombshell, but have yet to test anything out from the company, so I’m super excited to test this huge, almost like a marker eyeliner. It’s the darkest black, will create a solid line with ease and gives definition to my lashes. It retails for $14.
LOULOU Fall 2013 Edition Luxe Box  (10)
The last full size product is the Loose Button Eyeshadow Brush that features extremely soft and short bristles that’s the perfect shape and feel for blending your eyeshadow colours. I already have one of Loose Buttons brushes, I use it all the time, I’ve washed and cleaned it several times with no shedding, its stays soft and holds its shape perfectly, so I’m excited to test this eyeshadow brush out. It retails for $18.99.
LOULOU Fall 2013 Edition Luxe Box  (9)
My first sample size product is a 3 pack of Michael Kors Fragrances in Sporty Citrus (a dazzling burst of citrus with luscious orange flower and a hint of warm woods. Casually chic and fresh), Sexy Amber (A spotlight on warm amber wrapped in sandalwood, layered with white flowers. Sumptuous and deeply seductive) and GLAM Jasmine (a bouquet of lush jasmine with accents of creamy woods. Overtly feminine and head-turning). This is fabulous, I’ve never tried any of the Michael Kors perfumes before, probably because we don’t have a MK in London and every time I’m in their Toronto stores, I’m paying attention to the handbags and watches. I love that I now get to test out 3 different fragrances and decide which one I love more before buying the full size one. It retails for $75 for 50ml, putting a value on mine at $6.75.
LOULOU Fall 2013 Edition Luxe Box  (8)
Second sample size product is Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk and is a cult product created with unique expertise and exclusive technology, the Klorane Extra-Gentle Dry Shampoo contains oat milk with moisturizing, softening, anti-irritant and protective properties. It gently cleanses hair and may be used as often as necessary. I can never have enough dry shampoo in the house, I often use a little of it in the evening, if I’ve washed my hair earlier in the day and want a little extra body for going out at night… nobody wants to wash their hair twice in one day. Like all dry shampoos its easy to use, just spray a small amount of the dry shampoo about 30cm away from hair and then thoroughly brush hair after about 2 minute. It retails for $17 for 150 ml, putting a value of this 50ml at $5.65.
LOULOU Fall 2013 Edition Luxe Box  (3)
Third sample size product is L’Occitane IMM Precious Night Cream in the cutest little package I’ve seen in a long time. This nighttime moisturizer offering triple action benefits for firmer skin and reduced appearance of deep wrinkles and gives you smoother, firmer skin. It claims that in the morning your skin will look incredibly younger thanks to its Iimmortelle extracts. It retails for $92 for 50ml, putting a value of this 15ml at $27.60.
LOULOU Fall 2013 Edition Luxe Box  (4)

Last item in the box is another goodie from L’Occitane, its their Supple Skin Oil that’s enriched with powerful almond proteins and essential oils of peppermint, palmarosa and Immortelle that will help to protect the skin’s support tissue and fight against loss of elasticity. It’s deeply nourishing formula can be used to prevent the formation of stretch marks and retails for $52 for 50ml, putting a value of this 15ml at $15.60.
LOULOU Fall 2013 Edition Luxe Box  (6)

As you can see, this is a pretty amazing box, its total retail value is almost $100 and I can’t wait to try everything out. For the most part, these are items I can see myself purchasing in stores, so getting the chance to test them out before buying the full size products is an extra bonus for me. What did you get in your Luxe Box this month? 


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