May 20th, 2013- Windsor Crossing Outlet Mall

Last day of the long weekend and it was beautiful out; the hubby so wanted to go to the beach. I used to be a beach bum, hitting up the sandy beach whenever I had a few minute or when the sun was out. My grandma lives on the beach in Grand Bend so I remember as a young kid and into my teens spending every weekend up there enjoying the water and playing in the sand. Never thought about the damage it was doing to my body and skin that is until I lost my best friend of 18 years to cancer in 2008. I remember sun-tanning with her, even though she had cancer at the time, we never really thought about how it might be making it worse. We still piled on the tanning oil, laid in the sun still the moon came out, never really caring about the effect it may have on us later in life. Now that I’m on the board of a charity in her honor and we give to families affected by cancer, I do my best to stay out of the sun, wear SPF 60 pretty much all the time and avoid the beach at all cost (although I do miss it). I figure I shouldn’t show up to someone’s house that’s battling cancer right now looking like Snookie.?

What’s better than the beach???? Shopping of course! Nothing is ever open in London on long weekends, although the rest of the province seems to be open, we took a little day trip to Windsor (about 2 hours away) and did a little retail therapy. We hit up Windsor Crossing Outlet Mall, which is an outlet mall, so to me an outlet means good savings… think again. Most of the store we went into had the same deals we could get at a regular mall back in London.

Aldo had a small section of shoes for 30% off, and when I mean small, I mean 10-15 shoes max. I got nothing.

Banana Republic did have 30-40% off, but the selection clothing were pieces I remember seeing 3 to 4 years ago, I know outlets usually have out of season items, but 4 years ago is crazy, no? I got nothing.

Went into Guess and I’m not too sure why, I feel like I have to be a teenager to pull off most of the items, either way, we went it. I did find a few pairs of sunglasses that I was interested in, tried on 2 of them, was about to try on the 3rd and Derek was going to take a picture for me to Instagram to get your thoughts on which of the 3 was the best when an employee said “you’re not allowed to take photos in the store”. Are you kidding me, its Guess not Prada, calm down sweetie; looks like you’re not getting any commission from me then. Again, I got nothing. The hubby did manage to get 2 new shirts for $25 each, which I thought was a really good deal for Guess?

We also went into Nine West, no deals happening. Went into Urban Planet, okay you really needed to be a teen to pull that store off and finally went into Costa Blanca, again nothing. It was looking like it was going to be a waste of trip for the both of us, 2 shirts is hardly shopping…. That is until we hit the Coach outlet. 50% off everything… now we’re talking! It took me awhile, I wanted about 10 of them, but I ended up with a cute, classic black handbag for $180, yippee!

After the outlet mall we made our way to a nearby mall to check out Target, H&M and to have some lunch. It was the perfect day, even if all I got was a new handbag, it was spent with my husband which we don’t get to do a lot of.

What did everyone else do this weekend?

Top- H&M- $30- in stores now
Purse- Coach- $349- December 2012
Watch- Aldo- Gift from hubby
Bracelet- BCBG- Gift from hubby
Bracelet- The Bay- $7 (on sale)- in stores now
Pants- H&M- $40- in stores now
Shoes- Aldo- $37 (on sale)- Nov 2012
20 (3) 20 (2) 20 (8) 20 (5) 20 (6) 20 (7) 20 (4)




  1. Yay Windsor Crossings! I am right near Windsor! Love that mall

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